The Key is Permission
Recently I was asked, "When did you find your voice and how do you help your clients find their voice?" What powerful questions!  I thought about how to answer those two questions for weeks. Then, it was the anniversary of my father's passing and I knew the answer to both questions.  

I found my voice August 20, 1996. My father was in a coma and dying. I couldn’t stand to hear his labored breath. I leaned over him and said, “Dad it’s okay to let go, forget the car keys* and leave. We’ll be ok.” He opened his eyes, looked into mine, and breathed his last breath. It was my voice, my permission that released him.
*Every morning my father would leave the house, walk to his car, get in his car, get out of his car, and walk back to the house for his keys. Sometimes it was multiple trips back and forth between the house and car for his hat, briefcase, coat, but always for his keys.
I help my clients find their voice by giving them the permission they need to let go. Let go of things they never wanted, but hold onto because of guilt, or not wanting to hurt someone, or the money they spent on things, and all the many reasons they hold on.  

Often the key to living an organized life is having or accepting permission to release things that are not serving our lives today.  If permission is what you need to let go of things, you have mine. Trust me, you will be okay.

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