“Just in case, the three most dangerous words in the English language” 
Joshua Fields Millburn

Hello my friends and clients!

Last month I attended my eleventh NAPO conference where the opening keynote speakers were Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, also known as The Minimalists.  They spoke about their stories of climbing the corporate ladder, making a six-figure income, acquiring a lot of stuff, and how unhappy they were as a result.
It took the event of Joshua's mother's death and going through all of her stuff to realize none of the stuff mattered, all that mattered was he no longer had his mother.  That's when 
The Minimalists were born.  
My favorite quote of their presentation is, “Just in case, the three most dangerous words in the English language”. Why? Because so often the reason we hold on to our stuff is because of future thinking that we might need to keep something... just in case.

If that quote resonates with you and you strive to have a less cluttered life but you just don't know how or where to begin, call me.  I will get you started [and finished] and living with the things that you need today... not yesterday, not tomorrow, today. You don’t have to embrace
minimalism to live in the environment you are craving.


You can achieve this in one day.  
Curious how? Call or email me.

The Minimalists also said, "The more action you take, the more we want to take action".  Begin by asking yourself, “How might my life be better if I owned fewer material possessions?”  

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