How Do You Decide?

A serious contender for why clutter and disorganization occur is an inability to easily make decisions about where to put things and what things to keep.  If this is a challenge for you, try the  D.E.C.I.D.E. model to determine what to do with items that are cluttering your environment:
D = define when and where you use the item.
E = establish the criteria for whether or not to keep the item (i.e. do you use it, do you love it, is it beautiful. etc.). 
C = consider all the alternatives of not keeping the item (i.e. can you borrow it or easily replace it later if you do need it).
I = identify the best placement for where to keep the item based on use.
D = develop and implement a plan of action for clearing the clutter.
E = evaluate and monitor the placement of your things and adjust/relocate when necessary.

The more often you practice and exercise the decision making part of your brain, the easier it will become to make decisions about your stuff.  If decision making is difficult for you, let's get together for a 90-minute decision making practice session to help you strengthen your decision making skills, clear your clutter, and create organization systems that work for you.

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To decide is defined as to conclude, settle or make a choice.
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