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June 2013 E-Newsletter

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II - Upcoming Events
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IV - Regional News
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Photo: Scotch Thistle

Last day to register is June 10! Join us for our 8th Annual AGM, Forum, Field Tour!
Ever wondered what Knotweed looks like and what to do about it? Curious to learn about invasive species management initiatives in your region? Or what the Coastal ISC does and how they can support your efforts better? Get these questions answered and more in Nanaimo next week. Come and explore how we can work together to reduce the negative impacts of invasive alien species on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast. 
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I -  Coastal ISC News and Updates
    What fantastic spring weather we’ve been having here on the Coast! It’s been a good start for those who garden; but the weather has also provided great growing conditions for many invasive plants.  Now is a good time to get those nasty invasive plants out of your gardens! Keep your eyes open for key garden invaders, as they are easier to manage if found early.  Visit our website to learn more about which plants are invasive.

   We have been receiving reports from all over the Coastal ISC management area about invasive plants and seeds being sold.  If you notice invasive plants species being sold in your community, please let those selling invasive plants know. You can also email us (insert email here) and we can send a letter encouraging retailers to phase out selling invasive plants and seeds.   Through the Invasive Species Council of BC, you can find out which garden plants are considered the top 26 Invasive plant species in BC in their updated 'Grow Me Instead" brochure. Find this and more information on responsible gardening in the PlantWise program section on their website

Have you seen this signs?

"Do Not Mow" signs are dotting the highway, a program funded by the Ministry of Transportation, to prevent the spread of Knotweed species and other invasive plants along roadways.  They indicate to mowers traveling up and down our highways to Not Mow as there is an invasive plant present; in this case destructive Knotweed species.  The Coastal ISC contractors then have a chance to treat infestations before it is mowed. Kudos to Mainroad, our Vancouver Island mowers, for their collaboration with this program.  Read the Knotweed Fact Sheet for more information about this plant, how to report it and control it.


II - Upcoming Events

 June 10- 17th  2013 - Invasive Species Week in BC: Mark your calendar for the week of June 10th as this is Invasive Species Week. Tell us on Facebook how you are celebrating invasive species week? Facebook Link

June 8th 2013 -  BroomBusters are partnering with the Village of Cumberland to do some BroomBusting in the Japanese town site. Details coming soon, visit their website for more information.

June 13 2013 - Coastal ISC 8th Annual Forum, Field Tour and AGM, Nanaimo BC.

June 17 - 20, 2013 - Aquatic Ecosystems at the Edge: Managing for Sustainability, Victoria BC

June 18-20, 2013 - Noxious Weeds and Industrial Vegetation Applicator Training , Duncan BC 

III - People in Action
BroomBusters have been busy cutting Broom in Bloom!BroomBusters at the Goose Spit
In case you are wondering how much Broom 14 people can cut in a morning, the answer is lots! Volunteers have been out in full force cutting broom in the Comox Valley including the Royston Wrecks, Goose Spit, Lawrence Burns Park, Crown Isle Park and along Guthrie and Ryan Roads.

This non-profit group is has active members on Vancouver Island & the Mainland and is a grassroots Scotch Broom Containment Campaign.  They organize community cuts and provide volunteers with training and equipment. There are more cuts planned until the seed pods start forming.  If you see them cutting broom, give a friendly wave to show your support! For more information, visit their website.

Hogweed Patrol, Friends of French Creek Conservation Society
Volunteers came out for a very successful Hogweed dig on May 9 along the bank of French Creek, completing the second of two trips here.  They have cleared about 450 metres along the bank with the help of eight members from FFCCS and QB Streamkeepers.  Our thanks to all. The FFCCS will soon tackle another site on which they are making some significant progress. To learn more or if you are interested in future activities, please visit their website.  

Salt Spring Island Conservancy
One of our members recently took this picture while visiting Salt Spring Island.  The sign was put up by the Salt Spring Island Conservancy (SSIC) as part of their invasive plant management activities.  A major goal of the SSIC is to preserve natural habitats on Salt Spring Island. Introduced invasive species and nuisance species are major threats to native plant and animal communities on Salt Spring. They have developed some great resources, including the "Some  Local  Invasive  Plants  &  How  To  Get  Rid  Of  Them" document, which can be found on their website.                                                         

IV - Regional News

City of Nanaimo Invasive Plant Awareness Month – Get Involved, Have Some Fun!
By Amanda Daly, City of Nanaimo, May 3 2013
Here are some great opportunities to get involved in our community in a fun, and helpful way. One way to do this by participating in planned work parties to remove invasive species or organize your own neighbourhood work party. Work Parties offer a way to come together to help remove invasive plants, restore natural ecosystems and contribute in and around where you live, participating at your own speed and energy level.  Read more here

Air Force Joins Broom War
Air Force Joins Broom War

By Neil Horner - Parksville Qualicum Beach News, May 23, 2013 8:00 AM
Joanne Sales has recruited a significant ally in her war against a foreign invader in the Central Island — the Royal Canadian Air Force.

And while they won't be using broom-seeking missiles or napalm, Sales is confident they'll make a significant impact on their foe — invasive Scotch broom. Read More here

Tsunami Debris Update
What to do if you find tsunami Debris?  Visit the Ministry of Environments website where they have resources, including information on how to Report Tsunami Debris
There is an app being developed that will allow you to report tsunami debris. Read More
Tsunami debris, garbage plucked from Clayoquot Sound beaches
Amy Smart,  Times Colonist, May 12, 2013
About 100 volunteers helped chip away at an estimated 4,530 kilograms of garbage and tsunami debris on the remote beaches around Clayoquot Sound on Saturday, organizers said.
“It went really well, especially considering the weather and the rain,” said Kathy MacRae, director of marketing for Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. “The barbecue was a bit wet, but everyone came back with smiles on their faces and it was a fantastic day.”
Volunteers arrived from Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Uclulet and, in one couple’s case, Oregon, to join what was billed as the Flores Island Wildside Beach Clean Up. Read More
Local tsunami debris group unique in BC, May 24, 2013 11:33 AM 
An island-based coalition is tackling the tsunami debris issue head on, and is asking the province for money to manage, clean up and monitor the debris, if and when it comes.
All communities on Graham Island are participating. This summer, they hope to identify key locations for clean-up and monitoring, and organize and document beach clean ups where necessary, using both volunteers and contract workers. Read More
Canada and B.C. Accept Japanese Funding to Address Tsunami Debris
Ministry of Environment News Release, March 13, 2013
Today, Canada’s Environment Minister, the Honorable Peter Kent, accepted on behalf of Canada a one-time grant of approximately $1 million from the Government of Japan to support clean-up work associated with debris from the March 2011 Japanese tsunami.   It was also announced that this funding would be transferred to and administered by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment. Read More

V -  BC and International News

New society tackles invasive species in Columbia-Shuswap
Carl BR Johnson, Revelstoke Times Review, March 26, 2013
A new non-profit organization called the Columbia–Shuswap Invasive Species Society (CSISS) is forming with many different members from local groups to address the problem of invasive plant species in the area. “We have seen how successful regional invasive plant committees can be in the rest of the province” said Catherine Macrae with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Read the full story here

PlantWise Pilot Program Begins
The Invasive Species Council of BC is working collaboratively with the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA) and leaders in the horticulture industry to promote responsible gardening by reducing the sale and purchase of invasive plants through the PlantWise pilot program.  Over the last two years, a collaborative program has created Grow Me Instead, a listing of 26 invasive horticulture plants with recommendations for safe alternatives for all growing zones in BC. Read more about the PlantWise Program
Take the PlantWise Survey!

2nd Year of Clean Drain Dry Program
The ISCBC is launching the second year of their Clean Drain Dry (CDD) program across southern BC starting May 11! Find out which key boat launch locations will be the focus of this year’s CDD program plus learn more about the importance of clean, drain and drying your boat and fishing gear. Find out more here

VI - Resources and Tidbits

Scientists map global routes of ship-borne invasive species.
Scientists have developed the first global model that analyses the routes taken by marine invasive species. The researchers examined the movements of cargo ships around the world  Read the full story here.

Maters Thesis:
Biology, Ecological Impacts, and Management of Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum syn. Fallopia japonica) in Nova Scotia, by Larsen, Todd,  Date Published: 2013-04-04.
Read the full Report here.

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Contractor Training
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Contractor Training
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