Welcome Baby Kyin Sailom Hauptman, May 27, 2013!
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We are delighted to announce the birth of our newest little family member, Kyin Sailom Hauptman, born Monday May 27th at 11:46 AM  via planned Cesarian birth (due to his being stubbornly in a breech position, sitting on the exit door). 
Kyin weighed in at 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) and at six days old is a very chill baby, adored by his big brother and sister. Izayla greeted him with a big jump up and down and exclaimed, "I am so excited!" and Elian has clearly decided Kyin is part of the family and gets upset when people other than mom hold the baby.  Iven surprised himself by finding that he is most looking forward to Kyin getting big enough to hold his own in a fight with his big brother. Kashmira is healing up better than she had hoped for and except for being understandably tired and having full hands all the time, all of us are doing wonderfully.
His Name: (we know we have a bit of a reputation for giving our kids less than conventional names, and especially the grandparents are accustomed now to holding their breath before we announce each new little one's name, but bear with us...)
Kyin (pronounced kind of like the familiar name "Ryan", but with a K) is a shortened homemade version of a long Greek word meaning "new" that is found in a passage of Scripture we love, Isaiah 61:4, which reads: 
"They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations." 
The word (kainiosin) doesn't just mean new as in "the next thing" but has a deep sense of freshness and acknowledgement of God doing something great. It is also used in the New Testament to describe the "new covenant" and "new Jerusalem".
Sailom (pronounced "sai" - rhymes with rye, like rye bread and "lom" - rhymes with comb, like a hair comb) is a Thai word that means wind follows along well with his big sister Talae (sea) and big brother Sila (stone). 
We are settling in to new rhythms as a family of five and are so super grateful for the extended visit from Kashmira's Dad and Step-mom for this whole month of  transition and celebration.  Thank you all for your love, prayers and care for us during this beautiful and tiring season!
With Joy,
Kashmira, Iven, Izayla, Elian and Kyin
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