Witnessing God's Activity in Bangkok
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We are witnessing God build His church here on these streets. We are also preparing for a 7 month Sabbatical in the US beginning in early November.

These days, when people ask us about what we do or “how the ministry is going” Iven has found a joyful wonder bubbling up in response. “We are witnesses,” he responds, “Witnesses to what God is doing.”

Our formerly fledgling pioneer team of just the two of us has grown to include 3 other long-term families (and a growing pack of kids). As the leaders of Rak Teh, we find ourselves spending more time supporting the work of our team and the church that God is growing in our neighborhood, fading increasingly to the background of neighbors’ day-to-day lives, as the rest of our team continues street outreach, teaches English, works with kids, champions individual neighbors and does the day-in-day-out work of advocacy. From our vantage point we are able to see and celebrate the work God is doing all around us, remembering how far He has brought His work in this neighborhood while bearing witness to His faithfulness in our lives and the lives of our neighbors.
Each week a growing handful of neighbors and teammates meet together for prayer, worship and a time of teaching. Children gather upstairs to play and learn about the God who made the world and loves them each as individuals. At the end of our weekly Monday night church time we share a meal together – 28 food boxes were just enough this past week.
Several weeks ago during an open time of sharing about how Jesus meets with us one neighbor said, “When I saw Baan Rak Teh open up I was curious about what this place would be – wondering if it would be a place my grandson could learn English – but then Iven invited me in, and I came to an English class for women, and then church, and now I am seeing who Jesus is. I’ve waited 57 years to learn about Jesus, and I’m glad I haven’t waited longer!” That same evening Star, a woman in her early 40’s who’s been selling second hand goods on the sidewalk in front of 7-11 for many years, shared, “God is always so good to me. I pray for help and he helps. Every day. Today I didn’t sell enough to pay for my living expenses [she cares for several of her own children and a grandchild], so I prayed to Jesus and he sent someone to buy something right then, so we would have enough!”
We are living as “witnesses” – simply seeing and calling out the presence, love and faithfulness of our Good Father here in this neighborhood. In His mercy He has led our family to remain here these 8 years, and given us eyes to see Him working all around us. To be true, there were several years of ministry life here when we wondered if we would ever live to see the seeds we believed He was planting come to bear fruit in our concrete, and although we do not yet see a flourishing garden breaking up the ground from the underneath, there are such strong signs of cracks in the sidewalks. Seeds are being planted, watered and sprouting. Some greenery and even fruit can be seen curving its vines through and around the people of our community. The master Gardener has always been hard at work among us, and as we gather, we can see that evidence all the more. 


We are also preparing for a 7 month Sabbatical in the US beginning in early November – 2 months connecting with family, friends and supporters, and 5 months of immersion in a scripture training program designed specifically for YWAM workers like ourselves. 

Last October, during a YWAM Bangkok Ministry Leaders meeting Iven found himself sitting at a prayer station connected to “pace of life” and sustainability in ministry. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the reality of trying to live as a family with small children in ministry, in the midst of many transitions he was asking Jesus for help. He then heard the Lord speak the words into his heart, “Bible School for the Nations” and the Scripture reference “Joshua 3:16”. Both the reference and the phrase didn’t remind him of anything specific, so while still in the meeting he googled Bible School For the Nations and was delighted to find that it not only actually existed, but was a YWAM school, held in several locations around the world. Later, when we looked into it together we realized that this school seemed to be designed especially for someone like Iven, and we began praying about when/where/how to do it.
It has been a very full 11 months since hearing those words from Jesus. Our family has added another child and moved (about 15 feet south), Rak Teh has added 2 more longer-term teammates, started renting a building and is developing into a neighborhood church; our pace of life has anything but slowed! 

So with the support and confirmation of our Rak Teh team, our family will be headed to the States for a time of Sabbatical (intentional extended rest and reflection + study and growth away from one's usual work) in early November for two months with family, friends and supporters, (it’s been two years since we were all there together!), and then driving over the mountains to Cascade, Idaho in early January for a 4 ½ month season of intensive Scripture study (for Iven) and family rest (for all of us).
In short the Bible School for the Nations is a Genesis-to-Revelation chronological study of Scripture taught largely through Holy Spirit led group discussion and with a lens towards cross-cultural missions engagement (thinking about how to let God use the tool of His Word to raise up leaders and transform communities in unreached contexts).

Kashmira will be primarily with the children, while learning and preparing to transition into homeschooling Izayla for 1st grade upon our return to Bangkok (Elian will be continuing and Kyin will be entering Thai preschool upon our return). All of us anticipate this being a special season of rest and reflection for our family. We are especially excited about wearing fewer hats and having less complex roles for a season - and it hard to imagine a context more unlike our home here in Bangkok – from stifling hot flat city life to a tiny rural mountain town in winter. God is pretty funny, and we trust in His goodness.
The Joshua 3:16 passage that Iven heard initially tells the story of the people of Israel crossing into the promised land and those carrying the ark of God (representing his presence) stepped into the flooding river, the water stopped flowing far upstream, allowing the people to safely cross into the Promised Land – then the waters returned to flow again. We receive this verse both as an indication that we will indeed return to Bangkok after 7 months away, and also as a promise that God will indeed care for and provide for our neighborhood, team and our family while we are away.
We look forward to seeing many of you this winter during our time in California and the Pacific Northwest (schedule details are still pending) and we covet your prayers during our Sabbatical time of rest, refreshment, and preparation before returning to Bangkok in early June of 2016.
During this Sabbatical time we will continue to depend on God and the generosity of His people for our financial support – including the tuition fees for Iven’s scripture training program as well as the reality that we anticipate the cost of living during this season in the US to be a bit higher than our normal cost of living in Bangkok.
Thank you so much for journeying with our family these past 8½ years. We are so grateful to be witnessing the work of God on our streets, in our lives, and through His people - even as we are excited for what He will continue to do as we are away from Bangkok. We pray that you would experience His joy and rest even as you participate along side of us in this holy work through your prayers, encouragement and support!
All grace and peace,
Iven, Kashmira, Izayla, Elian, Kyin & Rinnan
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