(Almost) a New Baby, (Almost) a New Building - living into the already but not yet! 
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"Expecting Again"

We are in that advent season of expecting again! Our next baby is due in early January (that's about a month!), and the renovations on the new building are also set to be completed “soon”.
Our family is feeling the impending major transitions ahead. It is bittersweet to be coming to the close of our seven years in first one, and then two triangle-shaped apartments here on our corner. When we moved in, everything we owned in Thailand could be easily moved in two taxis – since then we have acquired (nearly) four children, and plenty of “stuff” to go with them!
All of us are excited for our new home and all we hope for it to bring – living in community with beloved teammates, having space for both neighbor and visitor hospitality, letting our work and family life be even more integrated in some ways and in others having more space to be family, resting together from work. We are eager to begin welcoming neighbors and others in from the streets for times of worship, prayer and Scripture engagement, for shared meals, practical encouragement, and sharing life together. 
Don't get us wrong - we aren't waiting to "welcome people in". Last month while Kashmira's aunt and uncle were visiting we were rained out of our usual Friday afternoon Sanam Luang park gathering, so 10 adults (including two neighbors), 3.8 kids and a guitar worked together to bi-lingually worship Jesus and re-enact the parable of the un-merciful servant without stepping on one another in our downstairs room. It was a tight a fit. 


CLICK HERE for more details on how we expect to initially use the new space!

Neighbor Updates

Shortly before our last newsletter went out our dear friend Nuat was beat up during the night, making way for the onset of sickness, and his health declined very quickly. Much prayer, and many visits later, Nuat was released from ICU and a two-month hospital inpatient stay into the care of a homeless shelter on the outskirts of Bangkok. Thanks to the partnership of several government and non-government agencies he is doing much better, having regained much of his physical strength.

Here’s a link to two short videos made by a local news program of Iven (who didn’t know they were doing a news story with him until the cameras showed up in Nuat’s hospital room), and then Iven & Sam visiting with Nuat in the hospital. 

Then, last month Pat and Lilian helped Nok, one of the ladies from our streets, move into the same homeless shelter that Nuat is staying at (after she was rejected from a local hospital for having used up her rights for government-funded care). During a recent visit to both Nuat and Nok at the homeless shelter our Rak Teh teammates overheard Nuat, who formerly had only complaints about where he was staying, instead passionately encouraging Nok to use this opportunity to get better, sharing from his own experience of initially giving up hope, but then working hard to get healthy. It was a neat glimpse into seeing neighbors share words of life with one another. 

Stick(er)ing Out

In October (during school break) we invited Izayla to join us for her first loop outreach “shift” since she was a baby. Though the reason for why guys are out on the loop late at night is thankfully completely lost on her 4 ½ year old self, she knows and readily talks about how our job as a family (and especially Daddy) is to love our neighbors, love God, and to help our neighbors know how much God loves them.
Earlier that day coaching her about how the night would go, we talked about what she could do to help show the people we met that God loves them, and together we came up with the idea that she could give them stickers. So, while her brothers went through their normal bedtime routine, she stayed downstairs and hand-picked over a hundred stickers which were then carefully collected into her favorite purse. She was the first to be ready to go out, just after 9:00. Lilian and Matthijs joined the three of us (while another friend stayed home with the sleeping boys) and we headed out, a little unsure how things would go. As we approached the first guy we saw and offered a quiet “hello” invitation to engage, Izayla remembered her stickers and jumped down from the stroller explaining, “I have a sticker for you. I must give you a sticker!” (in Thai) and then took several minutes to select just the “right” one. I think it was the slowest we ever walked down that street, and although a couple of the guys were clearly uncomfortable and annoyed to have a little girl taking their time, most were delighted.

Nothing monumental happened that night, but we helped participate in bringing a simple gesture of non-judgmental love, with the help of our preschooler (until after about an hour when she announced, “I am tired now.” climbed into her stroller and promptly fell asleep!).
What an honor it is to walk the streets late at night, circling the Grand Palace, announcing that the Kingdom of God has come on the earth. Several weeks ago we met a young man who had never heard anything about Jesus before. After sharing much of God's story, he said he still didn’t really understand (and we are pretty sure it wasn’t our Thai accent) so please join us in praying that God will reveal more effective ways to communicate His presence in a way that can be received as Good News. 

We’ve also met some older teenagers, both on and off the Loop, who are communicating a real desperation to find money to care for their families. Please be praying with us that God will lead us to appropriately loving responses person by person. CLICK HERE for a more detailed story of one of those guys.

Thank You

Thank you dear friends for praying, joining in, and supporting our family through all of these years on our little corner. We are so excited for how your partnership will bear new fruit as we move across the ally and prepare to engage with neighbors not only in their space but by welcoming them into this new space that God is providing for us to share together. 
Bless you dear ones, may His Kingdom Come now and forever more!
All grace and peace,
Iven, Kashmira, Izayla, Elian, Kyin and ??????
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