...Baby Rinnan Samut Hauptman: January 22, 2015.
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We are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest little son, Rinnan Samut (รินนัน สมุทร), born early Thursday morning, January 22, 2015, after a crazy-quick labor via natural delivery. 

A Tiny bit of a Labor Story

Having set a move date of January 22 several weeks earlier, hoping the baby would come and we would be ready by then, Wednesday night at 10:30 (one week overdue) we were finally boxing books and getting ready to move to our new home across the alley in the morning (the bigger kids went to bed knowing this was the last night in the only home they have ever known, UNLESS Mama had a baby while they were sleeping), when Kashmira felt a couple of strong contractions and said, "ummm...these feel like real labor contractions" and just a few seconds later (as Iven was surrounded by book boxes and beginning to feel quite overwhelmed) her water broke and she officially declared a change of plans. 

We realized quickly that labor was progressing quite rapidly and were so grateful to have middle of the night traffic (and our teammate Sam to drive us, through most of the red lights in our vast city) to the hospital, (while Lilian and Matthijs cared for our "bigger" kids) and our little guy joined us at 1 a.m., just two and a half hours after real labor began!

His Name

Rinnan is a variant of a Hebrew word meaning "a joyful song or shout" and Samut (pronounced Sa-moot) is a shorter version of the Thai word "mahasamut", which means "ocean". 
For those of you who remember, Kashmira did have a dream the week this baby was conceived with a clear name and gender, but also a feeling of surprise at the gender...so, yeah, we were surprised! We were delighted to have another little boy, but at first a bit at a loss as to what his name would be. After a few hours of sleep and with a as of yet very unnamed little newborn resting nearby Iven felt led to this verse: "Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives." (Psalm 90:14 NLT). He did a quick Hebrew word search and discovered that, sure enough, that verse contained a variant of the same root word found in Kashmira's initial dream. So we spent a few minutes thinking of variations and settled on Rinnan, with deep peace. 
"Samut" fits well with his bigger brothers and sister, as we now have a solid pack of little Thai nature-name kids, born and raised in a very, very big city (last year on a driving vacation to the south we passed a large limestone mountain-cliff and Elian announced, "wow, Mama, that is a big building!"). Big sister Talae (sea) now has a littlest brother Samut (ocean) to go with Sila (rock) and Sailom (wind). 

"Home Now"

Rinnan is very busy sleeping, learning to eat, and being wholeheartedly adored by his older siblings. Izayla asks if she can hold the baby (again) continuously, Elian greeted him in the hospital asking, "Do we know what it's name is? Can I kiss him?", and Kyin (though still a bit confused) is excited for the new addition and delighted to use his new word "baby" every time he sees Rinnan. Mom is doing her bet to heal and rest, and Dad is pretty much just amazing. Grandma (Iven's mom) arrived for a two and a half week visit the night after Rinnan was born, and it is a treat to share such a new baby with her.
Our moving date has changed to tomorrow (now today) with our four-day-old (crazy us, I know!) and we are all eager to begin settling in to this genuinely new season in family and ministry, with a new tiny person and a new home above street-open ministry space. I remember thinking when Izayla was tiny that we could live in our little triangle apartment possibly until she was one, but not beyond that as we would run out of space - granted we have since expanded into a second little room, but it is pretty funny to now be moving out with four little people. What an adventure!
All grace and peace,
Kashmira (along with Iven, Izayla, Elian, Kyin and Rinnan : )
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