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April 2011, Issue #10

Hello! I hope you are doing well. I'm anxiously awaiting warmer weather while continuing to edit my current manuscript, a friends-to-lovers story that takes place during the Christmas season (formerly called Home Again but it's going to be getting a new title soon). It features best friends Kyle and Evan as they grow closer than ever while traveling from California to Ohio for the holidays. It's going really well, but I did take a break from the edits today to publish a new short story on my website. The blurb and excerpt are included below.

Serial Story Coming Soon

As I shared last time, I've started working on a serial story. The first new scene will be included in the next edition of this newsletter. Once every two months or so after that I’ll add on another scene to that same story. When the story is complete, I'll make the entire thing available as an ebook for download. The first serial will be a continuation of my short story "More Than Just a Good Book." I can't wait to bring you the rest of Scott and Mark's journey.

The Break In by Sloan Parker

New Free Short Story

My newest short story, "The Break In," is now available at


Billy’s been breaking into his ex-lover’s apartment every Friday night for a little solo sex in the bed they used to share. One night he almost gets caught before he has a chance to finish his usual routine and climb back out the window. Now he has only seconds to decide if he should hide and end up watching his ex have sex or run from the most erotic encounter of his life -- and maybe a chance at love again.

Inspiration Behind the Story:

This story was inspired by the Alanis Morissette song “Your House” where she walks into her former lover’s house, puts on his robe, listens to his music, and lies in his bed, all while he’s seeing someone else. I wanted to write a story with a similar theme, but give it a romantic twist. “The Break In” is the result of that personal challenge. I hope you enjoy it.


"The Break In" is available in several ebooks formats. I'm new to doing the formatting for the epub and mobi formats. If you happen to notice any issues with the formatting on your device, I would greatly appreciate you dropping me a line to let me know. Thanks!

Read the beginning of the story:

My foot slipped on the windowsill, and I flung through the opening feet first. I landed with my ass on the hardwood floor, my feet stuck under a dresser, and my hands twisted in the curtains.

How many times had I snuck through that window? It should’ve been second nature to me. I shouldn’t have been slumped on the floor like the world’s worst prowler.

And yet, there I was, gripping the long curtains in both fists, adrenaline rushing through me as though they were going to walk in and find me stuck in that ridiculous position. Which was stupid. I wasn’t about to get caught. They had dinner out every Friday night. Not at the same restaurant, but it didn’t matter where they were. It only mattered that they wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours. I had time.

I untangled my hands, pushed myself off the floor, and listened for a moment. Despite my need for silence, the lack of any life inside the apartment disturbed me. I missed the sound of his laughter as he viewed the countless YouTube videos he pretended he didn’t watch, the tapping on the keyboard of his laptop, his humming in the shower.

I stood still in the silent bedroom for another few breaths. The music first. It made the couple of hours I spent in the apartment seem like I was supposed to be there, like I still lived there and was doing the laundry or jogging on the treadmill. Anything but the real reason.

To read more of "The Break In" visit the Sloan Parker website.

Behind the Story

I recently added another page to the "Behind the Story" section of my website. I shared the real-life inspiration behind my book Breathe. You can view that and more on my website, including the original inspiration photos for Matthew, Luke, and Richard from More.

Progress Update

Here's an update on what I'm working on and where I'm at with my writing. I usually work on one novel at a time, but due to the fact that Kyle and Evan's is a Christmas book that I need to get turned in by a specific date, I have two novels plus the serial story currently in process.

  • Kyle and Evan (No Title Yet)
    Gay Erotic Contemporary (m/m).
    Status: Over halfway through revising/editing the first draft.
    Planning to complete by August 2011.
    Sample blurb and excerpt coming soon.
  • Walter and Kevin (No Title Yet)
    Gay Erotic Romantic Suspense (m/m).
    Featuring Walter Simon from MORE.
    Status: First draft completed. Revisions started.
    Planning to complete in 2011.
  • More Than Just a Good Book
    Working on part 2 of Mark & Scott's story.
    To be featured in this newsletter and on my website.

Recent Awards

I am excited to share that my novels More and Breathe have received some amazing recognition lately.

  • EPIC awardMore won the 2011 EPIC eBook Award in the Mystery, Suspense, and/or Adventure Erotic Romance category. I’m extremely proud of this book, but I will admit I wasn’t expecting to final, let alone win. I thought it would be a good experience to enter, and I guess I was right. I’d like to congratulate all the finalists and winners of this year’s awards. I’d also like to thank EPIC and all the volunteer judges for their time and effort in putting together this yearly event.
  • Breathe is a finalist for the 2011 New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award in Erotic Romance. This is a yearly award put together by the New England chapter of Romance Writers of America.
  • Both More and Breathe are finalists in the Passionate Ink's 6th Annual Passionate Plume Contest, Contemporary Category. Passionate Ink is the Erotic Romance chapter of Romance Writers of America.

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Thanks for checking out my latest news, and I hope you enjoy "The Break In" if you check it out!

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