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Journalists Prevented From Entering Andalgalá

The Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA) reiterated its claim to the authorities of the Province of Catamarca to ensure full respect for freedom of expression in the provincial territory of Catamara.

The journalists want the authorities to help journalists in the facilitation of their work covering the conflict in regards to the situation in the locality Andalgalá  which is marred by social protests against megaminería ventures.

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Lebanese Activists Fear Skype Surveillance

Lebanese activists recently raised concerns online after an article published in the daily newspaper, An-Nahar, revealed the country’s changing telephone surveillance policies.

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Reporter’s Without Borders says Syria “Enemy Of The Internet”

Syria’s current authoritarian, repressive regime is notorious for their comprehensive censorship of the Internet. Syria has been profiled by Reporter’s Without Borders as an “enemy of the Internet”

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Syrian Activists Circumvent Regime Censorship

Despite the Syrian regime’s relentless crusade to ban activists from sending and receiving information in their country, dissidents have found a number of ways to stay connected. Here is a brief overview of three methods they use.

1) Proxy servers:

Dima, a young Syrian activist from Damascus

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The Knight International Journalism Awards 2012

The role of Journalism has changed dramatically with social media tools and as such awards now have to be expanded in the field of journalism and as such the Kinight International Journalism Award is given every year to Journalists who go beyond the call of duty by ICFJ, last years’ winners were a potpourri of media excellence. The International Center for Journalists, a non-profit, professional organization, promotes quality journalism worldwide in the belief that independent, vigorous media

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