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Last Week to Register for the Jakarta World Forum

Do not miss the opportunity of joining 400 media development professionals, academics, business leaders and journalists from all over the world, gathering from September 20-22 for the 2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development. This event, taking place every four years, is organized by GFMD in cooperation with the Indonesian Press Council at the Multimedia University of Nusantara.

At the World Forum GFMD members will also elect their new Steering Committee. The presence of GFMD members in Jakarta is highly needed and will help GFMD define its strategy for the next four years and grow its influence. Register here before July 31.

From access to information to the latest trends in investigative journalism, from responding to political pressure to new ways of engaging with donors, the Jakarta World Forum will explore every essential issue in the sector of media development. For more details, check:

Violence Against Journalists in South Sudan

In the light of recent reports of violence against journalists coming out of South Sudan, GFMD interviewed Leon Willems, Chairman of the GFMD and Director of Policy and Programmes of Free Press Unlimited (FPU) regarding his opinion on the challenges facing journalists and the free press in conflict environments. 

Measuring Progress on Peace and Justice: New Global Data for SDG16

 On 14th July, a coalition of international organisations launched an initiative to monitor progress on one of the most challenging SDGs- SDG16, or the commitment to ‘promote peaceful and inclusive societies’. SDG16 has its own thematic targets that range from reducing the death toll from violence (Target SDG16.1) to “ensuring public access to information” (Target SDG16.10). Each of these targets have their own benchmarks. The new SDG16 Data Initiative (, unveiled at UN headquarters in New York during this week’s High-Level Political Forum, showcases currently available data on all SDG16 targets from a variety of official and nongovernmental sources and is a step towards making the progress on SDG16 more transparent.
“We are always asked why, why the media, why do you want to provide information"
GFMD interviewed Caroline Vuillemin, Director of Operations for Foundation Hirondelle on providing media assistance to crisis states. Fondation Hirondelle provides media assistance to post-conflict and transitional countries by supporting independent and sustainable media systems that ensure access to information, facilitate good governance, and promote active citizenship.
Reception and Perception of Radical Messages- a Pilot Study by the Samir Kassir Foundation
The rise of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria has been accompanied by a very effective propaganda campaign and communication strategy with the purpose of radicalising increasing portions of the population. All major intelligence, security, and diplomatic services have focused their attention on trying to understand IS’s communication strategy, the methods the group and other radical organizations use to grow an audience, and develop effective counter-narratives to what is being spread. However, one perspective has been missing from the global research agenda: how does an end user come across and react to the radical message. The Beirut-based Samir Kassir Foundation conducted in-depth qualitative research through focus groups of the most at-risk populations in Lebanon in order to understand the channels through which citizens receive both radical and counter-radical messages and what makes them receptive to such messages.
BBC Media Action’s New Research and Insight Blog
BBC Media Action’s new Research and Insight blog offers a space for discussion, deliberation, and interrogation of its policy analysis, research findings, and insight pertaining to the role of the media in its core priority areas of governance and rights, health, and resilience and humanitarian response. Designed for development policy makers and researchers who might not be specialists in media and communications, the blog attempts to foster a dialogue between the media development sector and the broader development community in order to better appreciate and integrate research, experiences, and insights from both fields of practice.

ICFJ’s New Survey to Examine State of Technology in Global Newsrooms

The International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) announced last week that it will conduct the first global survey on how journalists worldwide are embracing technology. The unique report called the State of Technology in Global Newsrooms will highlight how journalists are capitalising on the evolving digital landscape and the use of digital technology in their reporting.

GFMD Workshop on “Mediadev, CVE & Counter-Propaganda: Where is the problem?”

With the rise in violent extremism many in the media development community and national and international civil society find that they are increasingly expected by some donors and authorities to show how their work strengthens efforts towards countering violent extremism and propaganda. The GFMD Workshop aimed at proving a platform for a relevant and timely discussion on how to maintain the integrity of free and independent media and assuring access to information in these challenging times. The workshop concluded with three overarching areas of recommendations for better advocacy, evidence and data sharing, and safety principles. The GFMD, through its many partners continues to engage in cutting edge research, and advocacy to foster stakeholder engagement in this very pertinent issue. See the summary of the event
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#Mediadev jobs
#Mediadev jobs
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GFMD events