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The Global Editors Network

The first idea was to be multiplatform – print, broadcast, internet and mobile - as a key element for being pioneer and visionary.

BBC Media Action: 
Policy briefing: After the Arab uprisings - prospects for a media that serves the public.

Over the past several years, the Arab world has been characterised by an increasingly polarised political discourse. The policy briefing< argues that national broadcasters have the potential to help to bridge some of these social divides if these institutions can be reformed to serve public, rather than state, interests. To make this case, the briefing looks at four countries undergoing political change - Libya, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.


Center for International Media Assistance:
The Politics of Media Development: The Importance of Engaging Government and Civil Society

Publication: In the field of media development, the public sector is often viewed as a barrier to the development of independent and sustainable media. Although governments do frequently pervert and capture media sectors in countries around the globe, the enabling conditions under which media can achieve and maintain independence are nevertheless reliant on institutions of government. Therefore the media development community must rethink its approaches to public sector engagement in efforts to improve the environment for media systems in emerging and fragile democracies.

Panos South Asia: have a look a this new initiative -
South Asia Check

South Asia Check is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit initiative by Panos South Asia which aims to promote accuracy and accountability in public debate. We examine statements and claims made by public figures in Nepal and occasionally across South Asia and publish our findings on this site. This is not a finger-pointing exercise, but an attempt to promote transparency, truth and accountability in politics and media in the region.

GIJN’s Global Investigative Journalism Conference:
October 8-11 in Lillehammer.

GFMD members will be well represented at the forthcoming Global Investigative Journalism Conference this October 8-11 in Lillehammer, Norway. The every-two-year conference will feature more than 800 journalists from 110 countries, including speakers from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Free Press Unlimited, International Center for Journalists, International Media Support, Internews, Malaysiakini, and investigative journalism centers in Bosnia/Herzogovenia and Nepal.  #GIJC15. 

MISA Zimbabwe condemns
President Mugabe's threats against the media.

MISA Zimbabwe strongly condemns threats by President Robert Mugabe against the media made on 15 September 2015 while addressing guests at a luncheon hosted for him by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing. 
He was quoted in The Herald of 16 September 2015 as having said:
“…You are thinking how you can excite people who read so that they can buy your paper. No. The journalism we are experiencing is not the journalism we expect. If we begin to take control now, rigid control, people should not cry foul...”

International Journalists' Network:
Four tools from the 2015 Media Party that journalists should check out.

Every year since 2012, the Media Party, organized by ICFJ Knight Fellow Mariano Blejman and Hacks/Hackers-Buenos Aires, showcased the latest digital and data-driven technologies.

How Social Media Platforms Are Changing the Business of News

The problem is that newsrooms are realizing they they have lost control of distribution. More and more, social controls who sees news. Also, with programs such as Instant Articles, readers stay on Facebook when they read a news site’s stories, and are not linked back to the news site.
Social media are becoming the new news publishers, and that’s raising lots of interesting, but difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions
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#Mediadev jobs
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