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2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development: 

Sponsor the Participation of the Best and Brightest

GFMD will hold its World Forum for Media Development will be held on September 20-22, 2016 in Jakarta in partnership with the Indonesian Press Council.
This unique gathering will explore all the issues that are shaping the media sector: extremism and propaganda, technological advances and business models, with the idea of placing the audience in the centre with a special focus on developments in Asia.
For 1,500 EUR per person, your organisation can sponsor the participation of international journalists, media professionals, media development experts, academics and researchers in the World Forum. This amount covers the cost of travel to and accommodation in Jakarta for the duration of the World Forum, conference logistics and participation fees. Meals and transport are graciously provided by the Indonesian Press Council.

Please let us know the names of your organisation’s representatives at the World Forum as well as the number and names of participants you have worked with through your international networks and that your organisation is ready to sponsor.

The aim is to reach, in addition to 100 Indonesian participants, a total of 300 international participants from all over the world.
Please send your sponsorship commitments to Ayman Mhanna with World Forum Sponsorship in the subject line.

GFMD is glad to Welcome

the  Pilot Media Initiatives (PMI):  
Pilot Media Initiatives is a social enterprise committed to enhancing systems, attitudes and behavior through innovative media. With a focus on political satire, PMI fosters democratic principles in emerging international markets through entertaining and financially sustainable media programs by strengthening the capacity of local teams to produce compelling media programming that reaches target demographics and affects change.

Contact Details: Dillon Case, Email:, Tel: +1 929-244-9206


Table ronde des médias burundais (FRENCH)

L’ensemble des médias privés d’information, travaillant au Burundi et hors du Burundi, l’instance de régulation des médias (Conseil national de la communication) et une vingtaine d’opérateurs internationaux d’appui aux médias se sont réunis lors d’une table-ronde à Bruxelles les 23 et 24 mars 2016. L’objectif de cette rencontre était de renouer le dialogue entre les acteurs des médias travaillant à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur du Burundi et d’identifier les recommandations nécessaires à l’action des autorités burundaises et de la communauté internationale afin de restaurer la liberté de l’information au Burundi. 


The MedMedia & GFMD discussion

The MedMedia & GFMD discussion on media assistance coordination in MENA mentioned in the last newsletter has had a date change. The new dates will be announced in a forth-coming newsletter.

For further information or details about the new dates or event please contact

GFMD is taking part in the 2016 International Journalism Festival:
"Does independence in journalism have a future?"

What are the fine lines between advocacy and journalism? Is WikiLeaks really an enrichment or is it propaganda? Is crowdfunding fostering independent journalism or is it giving the rich people an additional tool to steer public opinion? Is countering extremism through media an example of journalism or of messaging?

GIJN: Investigative Journalism & Foreign Aid: A Huge Return on Investment

It is a windfall of epic proportions. In February, Russian/Norwegian telecom giant Vimpelcom announced it will pay US$795 million to settle charges of foreign bribery, an amount to be split equally between the Dutch and American governments. As part of the settlement, Vimpelcom will admit to paying off the government of Uzbekistan to operate in that country’s lucrative mobile phone market, a violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Dutch anti-corruption laws. The profits were apparently enough to justify more than US$100 million in bribes by the company.
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#Mediadev jobs
#Mediadev jobs
GFMD events
GFMD events