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Volume 8 | Issue 31 | October 5, 2012

Grosgrain: Rayon vs. Polyester!

gros·grain  \ˈgrō-ˌgrān\   n.  1) A closely woven  fabric with narrow horizontal ribs.  2. A ribbon made of this fabric.

We love Grosgrain at Ribbon Jar, it has such timeless appeal. It's versatile and strong while still being soft and sweet.  You'll find it in Rayon, Polyester, Blended and Stitched!  Choose the right one for your project!

Rayon Grosgrain usually has a high luster quality giving it a brighter sheen.  High-end fashion people prefer rayon for nice look and drape.

Polyester Grosgrain is preferred for sports-wear or active wear.  It is recognized for its wash-ablility, no shrinkage, improved wrinkle resistance, very durable and high color retention.

To find the material content of the Grosgrain you are looking for simply click on the item you like and there you will find a "Description" as well as "Features".  In Features you will find Color, Size and Material.

Let us know how you're using Grosgrain...  If we feature you in an up coming Newsletter, you'll receive $15 towards your next project!

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