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Volume 9 | Issue 9 | February 28, 2013

Washing Herringbone

& Ribbon Packs!

Oh how I love Cotton Herringbone, so soft and easy to manipulate yet with strong characteristics that hold up to many washes! Wanting to show you how well herringbone washes, I sewed pieces of this new cotton onto colorful linen.  When I decide to try something, I don't always think it through entirely... hence the wrinkled fabric on which the herringbone is haphazardly sewn.  The skinnier piece down the middle is polyester for comparison.

Next I washed it in a sink filled with slightly warm soapy water...

Once dry it was ironed (probably should have ironed the fabric before sewing on ribbon... next time).  As you can see it washed beautifully! The colors didn't fade or bleed on the fabric and the ribbon didn't shrink! The piece sewn down the middle is still laying flat. You can see another example of our washing our products here... I washed that handbag in the machine in a garment bag and hung to dry.


A zipper, complementary fabric for lining, is all I needed for this sweet little purse...

We put together Sunny Herringbone Ribbon Packs so you could give them a try on your projects. Each color is two yards long!

We also put together a pack of Pastel Colors that are perfect for stamping. Jen over at Bettycrockerass has a great tutorial for stamping on Herringbone!

And if that's to many colors for you to start with you can always order what you need by the yard!

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