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Volume 9 | Issue 21 | May 23, 2013

New Italian Ribbon!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Italian 100% Cotton Ribbon.  This new ribbon is fabulous and the colors are delicious!

Fettuccia is a tightly woven 100% cotton tape.  This beautiful ribbon is suitable for sewing, bookbinding, gift wrapping, tying or any craft idea.
Passamano is a loosely woven 100% cotton tape.  Passamano has a lighter feel and can also be used for sewing, bookbinding, gift wrapping or your favorite craft project.
We've created a sample pack of each.  Fettuccia and Passamano Ribbon Packs each contains twelve different colors, one yard each.

Remember you can receive a scrap-pack with any size order (yes, even as small as one yard!) with each order. Our scrap-packs contain remnants of all kinds of our popular ribbons. If you would like one, simply say "scraps please!" when you check out (a comment box pops up at the bottom of our one page check out).
Happy Crafting,

Julie Walters
Shop Owner

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