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Friends of Bonobos
The nursery at LOLA YA BONOBO has moved into its new installations !
After two years of hard work, the new nursery facility at LOLA YA BONOBO was completed in 2013.  The results were worth the effort !  The new installations provide the (currently 13) bonobo orphans being cared for in the sanctuary’s Nursery an ideal environment for their physical and psychological recovery,  under the caring supervision of their 5 surrogate mothers.

the new installations

In order to minimize the risk of contagion of respiratory infections, which can be fatal for the young orphaned bonobos, we built a separate dormitory for the Nursery and made three complementary improvements that allow visitors to observe the young bonobos’ play without having direct contact with them: we installed a large window on one wall of the interior day play room; we built a tunnel between the new dormitory and the bonobos’ existing outside play area ; we fenced-in this play area and built a large plexiglass wall allowing visitors to watch the bonobos play in their little forest. 
The results :

  • The young orphaned bonobos now have a dormitory separate from the adult and juvenile bonobos, thereby minimizing the risk of contagion of respiratory infections during epidemics;
  • They sleep in a quiet, spacious and well-ventilated room, a significant contribution to their ability to manage stress during the psychological recovery process ; 
  • They benefit from two enriched play areas, in the forest and indoors,  which is critical for their physical and psychological wellbeing;
  • They are not in direct contact with visitors, minimizing the risk of human-animal disease transmission (and greatly easing the work of their surrogate mothers, who had to watch out for playful pranks on the visitors!)
 observing the bonobos
Many thanks to all of you who enabled us to turn this dream into reality!  Many of you donated online in response to our campaign for the new Nursery in late 2010-early 2011, and we are very grateful for your support.   Grants and donations were also received from Jim and Karen Holtz, Brian Hare and the Foundation “30 million friends”, while the Onduline corporation contributed roofing materials in-kind.  Thank you !!!

 Kananga and esperance

You can find a full report on the project here.

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