Thank you for your support of Friends of Bonobos
Friends of Bonobos

Thank you for helping us protect bonobos!

The least known of the four Great Apes, living only in war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, bonobos are critically endangered by poaching, habitat loss, war and poverty.
The integrated bonobo conservation program of the Congolese association Friends of Bonobos in Congo (Amis des bonobos du Congo, ABC) helps rescue and rehabilitate infant bonobos orphaned by the illegal bushmeat trade.  It educates Congolese people on bonobos and their protection, and reintroduces bonobo orphans into their natural habitat. This work is made possible thanks to the support received from people like you.
Friends of Bonobos is proud to sponsor Claudine André and ABC’s bonobo conservation work.
During this holiday season, help us make our dreams for 2012 come true. Talk about bonobos to your friends! Adopt a bonobo from the sanctuary’s nursery! Make a donation as a gift to a relative!  And of course, please consider continuing to support this wonderful organization.
Thank you!
Friends of Bonobos is a 501(c)3 organization registered in Minnesota under EIN 20-0347301.
Please continue to support the Lola sanctuary and Ekolo release!
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