Thank you for your support of Friends of Bonobos
Friends of Bonobos
We wish you a very happy New Year !

Watch Lola ya bonobo on CNN
CNN's Inside Africa released three great pieces on LOLA YA BONOBO this week-end, featuring ABC Founder and President Ms. Claudine Andre, ABC's Director of conservation and reintroduction Suzy Kwetuenda, and Friends of bonobos' grant manager Lisa Pharoah.   You can view the video clips by clicking on the links below.  Sit back and enjoy!
Episode A: Conservationist saves endangered apes
Episode B: Are bonobos our closest relatives?

Episode C: Bonobos: A second chance at life

ABC's 2011 Annual Report and other updates
We are pleased to also share with you ABC's 2011 Annual Report, with all our apologies for it being so late.  To resume more regular communication with those of you who may not follow our blog regularly, we have started sending out monthly updates of the main developments at LOLA and EKOLO YA BONOBO,  as a shorter version of the Newsletter. This is our commitment to you for the New Year.  We hope that you enjoy reading them.

On behalf of Claudine André and the teams at LOLA and EKOLO YA BONOBO, Friends of Bonobos wish you all a very happy New Year !

Please continue to support the Lola sanctuary and Ekolo release!
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