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Claudine André Honored by Columbus Zoo
As was announced in January, Claudine was honored by receiving the first Commitment to Conservation Award during a wonderful ceremony that took place at the Zoo in Columbus, Ohio.
During the ceremony, Claudine revealed that she would be sharing her prize with the staff at Lola ya Bonobo. The $50,000 that she received will be used to replace the bus, which transports the staff from Kinshasa to Kimwenza every day.
Claudine spent several days at the zoo meeting with the press, zoo staff as well as zoo visitors. All of our friends at Columbus Zoo made sure that the event was a memorable occasion!
Our congratulations to Claudine!

Meanwhile, how are the bonobos at Lola getting on?
Following the successful pilot use of a GPS collar on Isiro several months ago, we were encouraged to carry out a second trial with another bonobo - a male this time round. It seemed to us that Yolo would make a good candidate! Mayele and Bolingo, the sons of the dominant females, Maya and Kalina from enclosure 2, seemed to agree!

But young (fashionista) Sake spoiled our plans! Using her dexterous little hands, she managed to open the fastening mechanism and made off with the much-desired collar, trying to put it on herself!

Bolomba continues to recover...

We are pleased to report that Bolomba steadily continues to regain the mobility of her right arm! Today she is even able to raise her arms above her head! What progress since her arrival in October 2012! (read more)

Just as a reminder of her incredible story, back in September 2012, Bolomba had her arm caught in a snare, deep in the forests of Equateur Province. At the time, a rescue mission had been organized to bring her to the village of Bolomba, not far from the base camp of the release site, where she received first aid treatment prior to being transferred to Kinshasa and then onto Lola ya Bonobo for care and rehabilitation.
As she is already an estimated 10 years old, if her recovery continues at this rate, we hope to soon be able to introduce her into one of the sanctuary's large enclosures with some of the older bonobos!


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