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The leopards visit the bonobos

On September 6, the DRC national soccer team, "the Leopards", visited Lola ya bonobo. The Leopards and their coach, Mr Leroy, were accompanied by a herd of journalists! As a result, the team’s visit was shown on virtually every TV and radio channel in the country.  Good visibility for the bonobos of the Congo!   

We had wished them victory on their next game. And?…  They won with the nice score of 4 goals to 1!!!

School children grow cucumbers for the bonobos

Under Pierrot’s leadership, the students of our small village school in Kimwenza participated in an awareness-raising project funded by Disney. They planted and harvested cucumbers for the bonobos of Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary.

The funds that the children will earn by selling all these vegetables to the sanctuary will go a small way towards paying for their school fees.   

Well done Pierrot and team!

Lola dresses up for the Francophone summit

As preparations for the Francophone Summit in Kinshasa are in full gear, local journalists are increasingly featuring stories on Lola ya bonobo sanctuary.  This happened for instance with local TV station « Kin 24 », a station which belongs to the provincial government of Kinshasa.  Kin 24 has been featuring different touristic destinations in and around the capital city Kinshasa in order to entice the invited guests at the Francophone Summit to visit one or other site during their stay in the country.  Conclusion: Mrs. Kabila and the President’s office ask that ABC host a visit by the First Ladies at Lola ya Bonobo!  

Let’s get to work : Lola must be at its top to receive the First Ladies of the French-speaking world !  

Please continue to support the Lola sanctuary and Ekolo release!
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