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Pierrot Mbonzo Promoted to Director of Lola ya Bonobo!
Before the sanctuary staff got together for their regular monthly meeting between staff and management, Claudine André, the Founding President, had the absolute pleasure of announcing that Pierrot Mbonzo has been promoted to Director of Lola ya Bonobo. Pierrot and Claudine have been working together for over 10 years at Lola ya Bonobo, so the continuation of their work together is of no surprise! "Mamma Claudine," as she is affectionately known throughout Kinshasa, wished Pierrot great success in his new role and requested the cooperation of staff to help him carry out his new role.

Suzy Kwetuenda has also been named as ABC’s official Ethologist. She is now responsible for overseeing the psychological health of the bonobos. She will work closely with the veterinary team, the dietary team as well as the keepers and surrogate moms. The bonobos officially have a "Guardian Angel" in Suzy! She also continues to be in charge of monitoring the reintroduction at Ekolo ya Bonobo, a task shared with Claudine André.

The New Nursery
After experiencing many set-backs, we have finally almost completed the work on the new nursery, thanks to Lucien and Emilie! These visitor-volunteers came to spend three very busy weeks at Lola ya Bonobo with their friend Viviane Jurquet, the treasurer of our sister organization Friends of Bonobos in Europe (ABE). How lucky we are to have had them!

The Confiscation of Ndjili
On Friday March 1st, an anonymous phone call alerted us to the presence of a baby bonobo, who was ' in a bad way' in a bar not far from the international airport of Kinshasa. Without delay, Pierrot, Suzy and Blaise set off to investigate. They found a small female who had a very bad cold and was feverish. They had to act quickly! The little one was on display to the clientele, and we found out that the bar intends on collecting other wild animals in order to attract more customers!

Beny Back to the Wild Screened at the
Washington, DC Environmental Film Festival
The film by Alain Tixier, “Beny, Back to the Wild”, was selected for screening at the Environmental Film Festival of Washington, DC. While touring the U.S., Claudine André, was on hand to lead a discussion with the audience following the screening. A standing ovation was received for our bonobo conservation work in the DRC!

To reinforce the film’s message of conservation, Claudine also conducted a interview with Boyd Matson on National Geographic’s Weekend radio show.

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the Ekolo ya Bonobo release program!

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