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This Winter's newsletter highlights the many markets, customers and countries now using CC products. The rate of market acceptance is demonstrated by the company's recent inclusion in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100, ranking Concrete Canvas Ltd as the fastest growing company in Wales!
"Congratulations to Burdens Australia for the installation of 15,730sqm of Concrete Canvas GCCM* (CC) at the world's first LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) site to turn gas from oil seams to LNG. "

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Rail: Ditch Lining, UK
In June 2014, CC was used to line a drainage ditch located at the top of a railway embankment in Sherston, Wiltshire, UK. The drainage channel was designed to replace a loss of water management capacity due to an aqueduct needing to be removed and to prevent slip of the embankment through surface erosion and ground saturation. The install was deemed a huge success due to the time savings and cost effectiveness of using CC8 over conventional concreting methods.
Utilities: Slope Protection, UK
In August 2014, CC was specified by Natural Resource Wales (NRW) as a protective liner to a clay and top soil flood defence berm on an estuary bank in Crindau, Newport, South Wales. In total, over 550sqm of CC8 were installed over a 2 day period by an NRW team of 3 men and a single plant operator.
Mining: Slope Protection, Australia
In October 2013, CC was specified as the surfacing material for 60m high cuttings surrounding Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG), Australia, which will be the world’s first project to turn gas from coal seams into liquefied natural gas, or LNG.
Petrochemical: Slope Protection, Iraq
In May 2014, CC was used to provide erosion control to a supporting embankment of a bridge at a water injection oil and gas site, south Iraq. The erosion was the result of environmental weathering, predominantly rainfall, causing surface slip which threatened to destabilise the bank.  2000sqm of CC8 were installed by 8 people (including supervisors) in just 2 days, instead of the 7 days it would have taken with conventional methods. 
South America
Road: Ditch Lining, Colombia
In November 2014, CC was used to line a dissipater ditch to prevent rainwater infiltrating a slope and causing slip.  Pre-mixed concrete was also considered however there was no pump available capable of dealing with the 150m elevation of the slope. The client was so impressed with the installation they repeated the order for a similar project of 200sqm.
Road: Ditch Lining, Colombia
In December 2014, CC was used to line a dissipater ditch to prevent undermining of the nearby road. Pre-mixed concrete had been used on other parts of the project however this was taking a long time to install; pre-mixed concrete needed exact ground preparation and the re-bar and formwork would have been logistically complex due to the steepness of the slope and tight turns. 125sqm of CC8 were installed by 6 people in 2 days (working 8 hours a day), with some precipitation and temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.


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Video: BAM Nutall Sherston Rail Ditch, UK
Video: NRW Slope, Newport, UK

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*Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat