Concrete Canvas Constructor Information Update 12.12
Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas: Installation, whatever the weather.

For many, the tail end of 2012 was the wettest in recent memory, with heavy rainfall causing severe flooding across the UK. Ongoing construction projects, as well as reactive flood defence, drainage programmes and landslide remediation works have been subject to costly delays, due to the inability to reliably install poured or sprayed concrete in wet conditions. 
Concrete Canvas is a concrete impregnated fabric, that hardens on hydration to form a durable, fibre reinforced concrete layer. It can be installed in wet weather, cannot be over-hydrated and has a working time of approximately 2 hours, hardening to 80% of its strength in 24 hours. It can be installed in cold conditions, and has been specified for projects undertaken at sub-zero temperatures. It replaces the need for poured or sprayed concrete in a variety of applications, from ditch lining to slope protection and is simple and quick to install, requiring minimal training and only basic equipment and tools. Concrete Canvas is available in man-portable rolls for applications with limited access, or where the ground is unsuitable for heavy plant. 

A video case-study of Concrete Canvas being used to line a ditch in wet-weather conditions is available on our YouTube channel HERE
Don't delay projects till the Spring, win tenders and deliver to schedule by specifying and installing Concrete Canvas for all your drainage, slope protection or general Civils works, whatever the weather...

Click on the thumbnails below for links to our most recent case studies:
CC Ditch Lining, Costain/Carillion Joint Project, M1, UK
Concrete Canvas Ditch at Willow Creek Mine
CC Ditch Lining, Willow Creek Mine, Canada
Concrete Canvas Slope Protection in Colombia
CC Slope Protection, Colombia
Concrete Canvas Monegros Canal Repair
CC Repair/Remediation, Monegros Channel, Spain
Concrete Canvas Ditch Installation - Chile
CC Ditch Lining, Mineral Transport Pipeline, Chillepin, Chile.
Concrete Canvas Ditch - Meta Oil - Colombia
CC Ditch Lining, Pacific Rubiales Drilling Site, Meta, Colombia
Concrete Canvas Vent Wall - Creighton Mine
CC Vent Wall Closure, Creighton Mine, Canada
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