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Concrete Canvas® GCCM* (CC) is used by the majority of the top ten oil and gas companies in the world for a variety of applications including bund lining, ditch lining, slope protection and remediation. 
The petrochemical sector is a high risk environment facing unique challenges that CC can help overcome. CC's hydrocarbon resistance (to BS14414), weed suppression and fire resistance characteristics mean that it is fast becoming the erosion protection method of choice for oil and gas companies around the globe. Additionally, CC is safer and easier to install, can be installed without plant equipment and around sensitive infrastructure. 

The case studies below highlight how CC has been recently used in the petrochemical sector all over the world. 

Rapid Installation

Bund Lining, USA
In October 2014, CC was used as a hard armour capping and erosion prevention method at a refinery site in Washington, USA. 5200sqm of CC5TM were installed by a team of 8 in just 7 days. The completion of this project has resulted in drastically reduced maintenance costs, improved impermeability and improved fire resistance of the berm.

No Road Closure

Slope Protection, Oman
In December 2014, CC was used to protect a roadside slope leading to a petrochemical facility. The slope was suffering from weathering erosion, leading to rockfall onto the road. CC was installed as a trial, with shotcrete being installed simultaneously on a different part of the slope, to see which was the better method for this application and the environmental conditions.

Installed in Wet Weather

Remediation, Germany
In August 2014, CC was used to line an extinguishing lake to improve impermeability. 900sqm of CC5 were installed by 5 people in 4 days with some inclement weather. A poured concrete solution would have been delayed by rain taken at least one month to complete, meaning a time saving of over 85%.

Man Portable Rolls

Slope Protection, Iraq
In May 2014, CC was used to provide erosion control to a supporting embankment of a bridge at a water injection oil and gas site in southern Iraq. 2000sqm of CC8 were installed by 8 people (including supervisors) in just 2 days, instead of the 7 it would have taken with conventional methods.

Adverse Conditions

Ditch Lining, Russia
In July 2014 CC was used to line a drainage ditch at the Chayvo OPF (Onshore Processing Facility), Sakhalin, Russia. The ditch was located in front of a PLF (Production Living Facility), and there was a risk of erosion undermining the PLF and the nearby road. The installation of CC was considered a huge success, as alternatives such as poured concrete are difficult to obtain due to the remoteness of the site, and can cost up to $2,750 (USD) per cubic metre.

World First

Slope Protection, Australia
In October 2013, CC was specified as the surfacing material for 60m high cuttings surrounding Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG), Australia, which will be the world’s first project to turn gas from coal seams into liquefied natural gas, or LNG.


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