Concrete Canvas Newsletter - Q1, 2014
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The last 3 months have been huge for Concrete Canvas, with us working on large projects, interesting new applications and winning a national award!

"Congratulations to SPI Brazil ( for securing an order for over 26,000sqm of CC8 to a customer in Brazil. The entire order of more than 200 bulk rolls (filling fourteen 40ft containers), was shipped from the factory in South Wales in just 4 days!  Keep an eye out for details of the project and case study, which we will be releasing in the coming months."

Click the pictures below to view our newest case studies.


We have compiled a case study demonstrating the aesthetic changes to installed CC over time. When used as a ditch liner, untreated CC will naturally ‘green’ over time as the textured top surface allows moss growth when installed in the right conditions. The fibre-reinforced concrete layer will prevent root-growing vegetation, which would otherwise restrict water flow and increase maintenance costs.

South America

In September 2012 Concrete Canvas (CC) was specified to line a tailings containment ditch in the 4th region of Chile. CC provided savings in both cost and time; a 9-man team was able to complete the 1000sqm installation in a day, in temperatures of up to 35C.
In July 2013, Concrete Canvas (CC) was used as an erosion control measure on a slope adjacent to a section of the Zipaquira-Bogotá Highway in Chinchilla, Colombia. The 1000sqm installation was completed in 13 days in inclement weather by an installation team of 6.


In January 2014, Concrete Canvas (CC) was used to remediate a section of slope adjacent to Cunningham Highway in Aratula, Queensland. The installation was very successful, allowing a durable erosion-prevention solution to be completed in average temperatures of 28°C with very low impact on the vehicular traffic utilising the highway.
In January 2014, Concrete Canvas (CC) was used to remediate a section of concrete channel adjacent to Cunningham Highway in Aratula, Queensland. A series of channels using a total of 250sqm of CC8 were able to be completed in four days by an installation team of 5.


CC used to line a ditch in an environmentally sensitive area in Pontardullais, South Wales. The work was carried out on behalf of the UK Environment Agency, who had specified Concrete Canvas previously due to its low washout rate and limited alkaline reserve.
In August 2013, Concrete Canvas (CC) was used to reline an ARMCO steel corrugated pipe which formed part of a culvert in the Scottish borders. The client was impressed with the ease and speed with which CC was installed, as well as its minimal environmental impact and increased lifespan compared to bitumen. CC also provided a cost saving compared to using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).
Designer Sam Jennings created a set of benches using Concrete Canvas that were exhibited at London Design Week. Sam cited CC's strength and cloth-like aesthetic as reasons for using the material in his project.
CC on YouTube
Bund Lining -
Marine Terminal Facility, UK
Ditch Lining - Pontardullais,
South Wales
Ditch Lining -
South Wales
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