Healthy Brain Update for September 2015

Healthy Brain Update for September 2015

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Research Update:  A medication commonly used to treat inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis could have positive uses for Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

This Month's Brain Health Topics:

The Science of Learning How to Learn

In Part Two of Learning How to Learn, we address a major stumbling block for effective learning: procrastination. To procrastinate is to be human. It rewards us temporarily with a little shot of dopamine when we indulge in a diversion, rather than focus on the task in front of us. The solution to this problem is to use time as a valuable, supportive ally with this popular technique... 

Is Gluten Bad for Your Brain Health?

Local PBS channels across the US have been airing a fundraising program centered on the BrainChange and "Brain Maker" infomercials, which in part make the claim that gluten is a cause of dementia. We examine the scientific evidence regarding gluten and brain health, and also provide an independent view on non-celiac gluten sensitivities in many people...

Meditation Can Change - and Grow Your Brain

Want to grow the size of your brain? Try meditation on a regular schedule, based on the results from a growing number of brain imaging studies. It’s been well known for a long time that meditation practices can reduce stress levels and blood pressure. It turns out that regular meditation can trigger structural increases in the prefrontal cortex...

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