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Next Wednesday One Night Only

Free Workshop Melbourne

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  Meat Market North Melbourne

Sudden Death Plotting comes to Melbourne!
Hi Everyone. A quick reminder about this event.  Hope you can make it.  Places are limited
Our whole craft of scriptwriting is based on the ability to think up and execute highly original stories - again and again and again, moreover, to do it under pressure. Usually, my events focus on the macro issues like complex nonlinear parallel narrative (and I'm back in Melbourne in August run a masterclass on that) but all these complex script forms require speed and facility along with creativity.  The problem is,  pressure can make you panic and panic breeds blocking and cliches. So how do you work through it?
This Wednesday I'm running in Melbourne for free (whip round  for the AWG) my very popular workshop on creativity under pressure. It's the core of my approach to writing (all of my mentorshop people get to learn it) and its hugely empowering because it shows you how to create ideas, plots  and plot twists under pressure (together we create 100 hundred ideas for feature films in five minutes). I've done it for many years for new and experienced writers all over the world - for events like BBC TV Drama Writers' Initiative; Belfast Film Festival, London Screenwriters' Festival, Swedish Film Institute Dream Factory Festival, South Denmark Film Festival, and for film schools and professionals in more places than I can remember, including Finland,  Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, England, USA, Germany,  Poland, Denmark, Ireland,Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane - I forget how many more. I'm doing it again in Poland later this year and probably Estonia and some other places.
On Wednesday, as I often do,  I'm running it as a team game which I call Sudden Death Plotting and it  involves a lot of laughs. I do it this way because I find people relax and find it easier to participate.  
Yes, I know, it's short notice. Sorry.  I arranged it on impulse since I had to be in Melbourne and there were complaints from you Melbourne folk after I ran it in Sydney last year.
All levels of experience welcome, but there are very limited places and you must book. You can book below! Please bring  your ticket plus  pen and paper. Form a team or come on your own and be put into a team. 
Looking forward to seeing you there for a good fun night.
PS. Please, if you book then can't come, go online and cancel so people on the waiting list can attend
Meeting Room at Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street
Melbourne, VIC 3051
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