Just to let you know, I'm opening these limited discount Melbourne Masterclass VIP tickets to the Australian Writers Guild tomorrow

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I know you all like to do things last minute, however...

Hi All! 
As my newsletter subscribers you've still got a unique first bite at these limited VIP tickets.  I know you all like to do things at the last minute, but tomorrow I  will have to give the Australian Writers Guild a chance too, so it will be  first come first served. I doubt I will be teaching in Melbourne again in the near future (it's a bit of a labour of love for me) so if you're interested....

How to get your discount VIP ticket

The VIP ticket is $390.  It's not visible to the public on the Eventbrite ad and requires an access code. However, Eventbrite have arranged it to be easy for you.  Please read on for instructions.

To purchase your discount VIP ticket all you need to do is click HERE     You will be taken directly to the EventBrite information and bookings page. You then click on the green Tickets button at the top right of the page. You will see that the VIP ticket is now visible, and your discount code has been magically applied so you can just purchase straight away. 

If for any reason you have problems, the discount code is opensesame (very original…)  

So what's the masterclass about?
See below for info.

Hope you can come! 

PS.  I haven't forgotten about the online courses. Am on the case.  Back to you on all that ASAP. 


Melbourne Advanced Screenwriting Masterclass  August 18-19 2018

New structures in  film, TV, Games and  VR

Here is some of the blurb about the masterclass, plus some nice endorsements, plus a photo of me teaching  in London, apparently conducting the audience in a singalong . Full syllabus details

For Writers, Producers Directors, Script Executives, Creators in Games and VR

Tickets and further information ....Limited Early Bird Tickets available
Over many years, Linda Aronson's internationally acclaimed and ground-breaking books and masterclasses on 21st Century screenwriting have repeatedly and methodically challenged Hollywood orthodoxy and exploded its taboos. To the delight of thousands of  writers, producers and directors all over the world frustrated by the insistence on a linear, single hero, one-size-fits-all approach to story construction, she explains how to create and apply nonlinear, flashback,  multiple protagonist, fractured and Pulp Fiction-style narrative structures opening up a whole raft of new storytelling possibilities in film, TV (particularly in the new long form TV drama) games and VR. .   
If you've ever struggled with flashback or multiple protagonists or thought you'd love to write a nonlinear film or TV drama but didn't know how to start,  here are your answers.

'Linda Aronson is one of the great and important voices on screenwriting.’
Dr Linda Seger, author of Making a Good Script Great

"Anyone who has heard Linda Aronson speak about screenwriting knows that the insight that she can offer YOU, about YOUR screenplay, is extraordinary. I have personally heard all of the so-called ‘script gurus’ speak, and I can tell you, if you want advanced professional script insight, Linda is the person for you. This is especially true if your story is struggling to fit into the traditional three act structure, or if you have multiple protagonists. "

Chris Jones, organiser, London Screenwriters' Festival

'A lucid and eminently useful atlas of screenwriting technique. At last you will understand "Pulp Fiction!” All the vague confusing things that teachers  and studio executives say about flashback, turning points and multiple protagonists are whipped into coherent shape here, in a comprehensive,  precise and extremely practical theory. Clear
structural diagrams, up-to-date examples and thought-provoking analysis of failed films make this an essential tool in any writer's kit.'

Christopher Vogler, Author of The Writer's Journey,

" A very clear and intelligent analysis of what's going on in film structure and the advances of the last ten years.   Terrific handling of Pulp Fiction and flashback.  A genuine advance in the theoretical knowledge of film structure and a very clear coverage of the basics.  A big advance on the standard texts.  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I learnt a thing or two "

David Williamson, playwright and film writer

'A VERY WONDERFUL book. I love the strategies for plumbing the unconscious story mind. There's no other book that gives such an in-depth analysis of the "bone structure" for all these various kinds of narratives.'

Robin Swicord, screenwriter, Little Women, The Jane Austen Book Club, Memoirs of a Geisha

'It's a huge achievement, an incredibly comprehensive analysis of what the screenwriter does, of what can go right and what can go wrong and how to fix it when it does. I highly recommend it.'

Andrew Bovell, Lantana, Blessed, Edge of Darkness

‘Linda Aronson is one of my heroes.  My inspiration.  Screenwriting Updated blew me away … Linda Aronson was the first person, maybe still the only person to really talk about the fact that structure doesn’t always have to be about one form.’


Pilar Alessandra,Hollywood Script Analyst

‘F- ing brilliant’

Duncan Thompson, Australian script editor/writer

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