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The ePetition is now live!

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Swale Borough Council now has the ePetition and this opened for signatures at 1pm on Friday 4th February. By 9am on Monday there were already 90 signatures. The petition has not yet been widely publicised and this level of response has to be seen by Swale as indicative of the level of concern in Faversham and elsewhere about the role of Standard Quay as a vital part of the maritime industry of Faversham Creek.

Without Standard Quay, the future of the Creek is bleak. We will do all we can to keep it working.  

If you have not yet done so, and would like to show Swale that you care about Standard Quay and wish to see the activities that have been regenerated over the past 17 years continue and grow, please go to and add your name to the petition. You will receive an email from Swale in return and will need to click that open if you wish to confirm your name. (If you do not receive this email, you may find it has gone to your spam folder. It is important to open it however, as otherwise your name will not be added to the petition).

The e-petition goes directly to the Borough Council's website so they can keep track of the level of support as it grows.

If you have friends who are interested in keeping this heritage and these skills alive, please pass the link to them too.
Standard Quay (Faversham) Ltd is losing its lease with no renegotiation for renewal. This is not because it is a failing company or because there is a lack of demand for its services or any lack of skills to fulfil that demand. It is because the land is seen as ripe for “improvement” to make it a "tourist gem" with shops and restaurants. 

Standard Quay (Faversham) Ltd has overseen substantial investment in employment and training. The facilities at Standard Quay do not need redevelopment to allow this to continue and expand. Indeed, suggested “improvements” such as allowing increased retail or restaurant use would harm the potential to expand training in traditional skills and the continuation and expansion of highly skilled local employment on what is presently the working Quay.

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