Talking about the year past, and the year to come. One subject short of a Christmas Carol reference, I guess. Come on in, it's warm/cold inside, depending on your seasonal need.

If you'd like hear more about ALTERED and like to find out a little more about that handsome gent with the fire in his hands (further down in the email) I'm going to start talking about it more openly in January, and you can join the mailing list here. I'd love to have you over there - this is something I'm tremendously excited about, as it's a project that I'm at the tiller for myself - setting the course for my own destiny.

The Happiest of Holidays to You!

Pic of me smiling goofilyThank you for coming along with me through 2013, and I wish all the best to you and yours for the holiday season. May it bring you and the people you love together, and give you time to enjoy each other's company. I hope you find time to relax, unwind, and take stock of where you've been, and where you're going. Which is kind of what I'm doing here. (there should really be some tinsel or something in that photo. I apologise for the lack of foresight)

So, WHOAH. What a year. What an exciting, full-speed year. 2013 was the first big step for me in pushing voice over to the next level. While I still work in IT part time, I significantly reduced my hours this year in order to devote more time to my voice over career. And looking back, it feels like the investment paid off in terms of where I am now. It's been a year of challenging and varied projects. Speaking of which...

Crochet Noir

I got to finish the year on a very high note, seeing my name in credits up on the big screen at the VCA School of Film & TV 45th Annual Graduate Screenings, where I got to enjoy the completed CROCHET NOIR. Written, directed and animated by Jessica Harris, and produced by Heamin Kwun, the film has already been awarded Best Achievement in Editing, Best Master of Film and Television Production (Animation), Best Postgraduate Production, and Best Production, and Jessica is only starting on submission to festivals for 2014. You can keep an eye on what's happening with CROCHET NOIR over here.

The year has also seen me doing more direction of other voice talent on projects, which I love but still find slightly surreal. It's also seen me coordinating voice talent for a regular client on a few projects, which has helped give some perspective on what it's like dealing with voice talent, and is most definitely going to help me keep the client's perspective in mind.


AUTHENTIC is a project I've extolled the virtues of elsewhere, but I cannot say enough good things about. Working with Christy Dena was a pleasure in itself, but participating in a studio session and playing with such wonderfully talented people was such a thrill. I have a few projects I'm planning for 2014 to recreate that combination of the live wire of performance and the controlled, constructed nature of voice over. You can grab AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS right now in the App Store for iPad (go on, treat yourself!)

It's All About The People You Meet...

Throughout this year, one of the most wonderful things to happen again and again is meeting new friends to work together on projects with. At PAX Australia this year, and most especially Genrecon, I've been blessed with making connections to wonderful people who are keen to make something together. I'd meant to mention some of these projects in this newsletter, but I'm already starting to run long, so I'll leave that until early in the New Year. Suffice to say, there's some fun stuff coming up, along with some updates on projects like THE CALLING (which is almost ready for me to get in the studio, and add my voice to some kick-ass music) and DESTINY SETS (which I'm closing out over the Christmas break).

And while I don't want to play favourites, I'd be doing George Hufnagl of Sounds Like George a grave disservice if I didn't mention him by name. I'll be penning a blog update early next year specifically about working together with George and what a buzz it is. I'm definitely proud of Balmodar as one of the creative highlights of the year. I'm proud of what we made, and the fact that it came solely from our brains nutting out what to do.

I'll also be talking about working with Kristine Oller (an amazing career coach I've started working with a couple of months ago) on my Leap Year in the next newsletter - again, I wanted to rave about how fantastic working with Kristine is here, but I don't want to overstay my welcome. SO MANY GREAT THINGS TO TALK ABOUT, SO LITTLE TIME.

Branding And Whatnot

Branding isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but I've become one of those people who gets excited by logos and the like. You may have noticed that I've got a swanky new banner. As part of heading into the new year, I've updated the images I use on my website, courtesy of the extremely talented Shaun Campbell. I've also been working with Shaun on concept art for ALTERED, and he's responsible for the handsome gent above. Shaun is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I'm lucky to have him on board. I'd highly recommend checking out his website.

Where You Can Hear Me

Since meeting at PAX this year (and again at Genrecon in Brisbane) Lois Spangler and I have been trying to find a way to work together. I love her work, and you can hear a monologue I put together for her over here. I love the character, and I'm looking forward to the possibility of getting to take Durtha for a spin again.

Incidentally, I recorded this at Horwood Studios in Melbourne, due to a tight work schedule. I'm in love with their microphones, and looking forward to using them again.

A Tip:

I'd intended to talk more about productivity systems here as well, but I've already used up so much of your time. I'll likely turn this into a few blog posts next year. Suffice to say, one of the smartest decisions I made coming into this year was implementing my own version of Getting Things Done after doing a bunch of reading last year. I found it invaluable for managing the huge flow of information around projects and goals this year, and I'm doing back office stuff at the moment refining my own systems around managing things.

I've found Ari Meisel's website and online courses suitably valuable heading in to the end of the year, for finding more efficient ways of doing things. It's all about finding better ways to manage the back-office administration, so I can spend more time in front of a microphone, which is after all the reason why I started on this journey.

That's All, Folks.

PHEW. That's about it from me. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the New Year. I've got a backlog of audio from projects like AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS I'll be sharing with you over the coming months. Thanks again for letting me share what's happening with you.

OH! If your Kevin Powe needs are still not being met, I also have a voice over-specific Facebook page you can find me at now. (it's also where the Facebook link at the top of the newsletter will take you)

Have a wonderful holiday season, and don't be a stranger. Drop me a line and let me know how things are going in your neck of the woods.
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