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WEDNESDAY,  February 27,  2013


"Alternatives Assessment and Risk Reduction Guidance"

3 p.m. Eastern
2p.m. Central

12 Noon  Pacific

Join us for a webinar with Alex Stone, Senior Chemist
Safer Chemicals Alternatives
Washington Department of Ecology
Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction - HQ

Eight member states of the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) having been working over the last 20 months on a guidance to reduce risks to human health and the environment by replacing toxic chemicals with safer alternatives.  The guidance document will allow users to identify safer alternatives to toxic chemicals and prevent uninformed substitutions where alternatives are used which are either poorly understood or as toxic or more toxic than the original chemical of concern.  It will help define the information required to conduct a credible alternatives assessment and institute a process that continually improves products until they are "benign by design".  The guidance is intended to be flexible and transparent to meet the needs of a wide range of users including small, medium and large businesses, local, state and federal governments and other interested parties.  It will also assist users in customizing an alternatives assessment to meet unique needs of a particular chemical, product or process under review by providing information on what components are most important and how they can be implemented.  Dr. Alex Stone of the Washington State Department of Ecology leads the team working on the guidance and will discuss the progress to date.  A draft version of the guidance is nearly complete and a 45-day public comment process should begin in March.

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