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Who says that you need to wait until spring gets here to officially start spring cleaning?
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Simple + Clean in 2014

Give yourself a refreshing new start for 2014 by minimizing excessive clutter, organizing your home and embracing a more simple and clean lifestyle.
Scandinavian Inspiration

Scandinavian design is all about being simple and minimal without compromising functionality or fashionability. Clean lines, splashes of white, and tons of open air are all telltale signs of Scandinavian influence. Think open windows and indoor plants, airy white rooms and minimalistically lightweight, simple furniture.

Tons of Texture

Just because you choose to go with a more simple aesthetic for your home in the new year doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice on fashionability or chicness. Textures, patterns and color can all be easily added with style to create a more fun, less sterile environment. Predominantly white walls and floors are an excellent backdrop to focus on things you really love like rugs, art, throw pillows, blankets and upholstery.

Organizational Bliss

The key to a happy home is making it an organized home. Everything should have a place so that you can eliminate clutter and never have to wonder where you put that unpaid bill or favorite pair of shoes. If you're not sure where to start, why not go for the closet? You'll be able to figure out what you wear most often and what you haven't donned in decades. After you're done you'll have a streamlined closet and hopefully some donations to take to the local Goodwill for those less fortunate. It's a win-win!

The Simple Life

Streamline your email subscriptions, personal finances, and even physical credit cards with these simple resources that'll make wonder how you ever got by without them.

Unroll Me
Say goodbye to all those unwanted emails rolling into your inbox that create annoying alerts on your phone and computer multiple times per day. Unroll Me takes control of your subscribed emails from your favorite stores, flash deal sites and other websites that you once subscribed to but now seem to immediately become placed directly into the trash on your computer. Unroll Me allows you to change your email preferences for multiple lists at one time so that you can quit receiving those emails or keep them to a minimum. The coolest part about this service is that it'll roll up all of your promotional emails into just one email for free!

Mint is a newer online budgeting website that allows you get a full picture of your financial portfolio by linking all of your banking and loan accounts into one easy-to-use website. It'll help break down where your money goes and even has a function to help budget for goals or future purchases. It's completely free to use and can even match your financial portfolio to preapproved credit card offers so that you don't have to apply the old fashioned way. It's an excellent way to monitor your personal finances without having to manage and check a bunch of different online banking accounts and logins.

Coming soon, Coin is a device that connects each of your credit cards to one simple device. It's the first of it's kind and right now you can preorder Coin for 50% off before it officially hits the market. Perhaps the coolest feature of Coin (besides streamlining your entire wallet) would be that it'll alert your smartphone if your phone and Coin device become separated. Nowadays it seems as though credit and debit card fraud is running rampant but with Coin's integration with your phone and instantaneous alerts, you'll be able to streamline your cards and rest easy knowing that your wallet is always with you (unless you lose Coin and your phone at the same time, yikes!)


Reading Recommendation

If you own your own business or have always considered working for yourself, then "The 4-Hour Workweek" written by Timothy Ferriss is a must-read.

Get your hardcover or paperback copy (or go for the Kindle or audiobook versions) from Amazon
Become enlightened by these easy-to-understand methods for living sustainably by streamlining business processes, earning steady cash flows and freeing you to do the things that you really love. You'll be working from a hammock on the beach in no time!

Life Hacks for iOS Devices

Here are a few must-know tech tips for your iPhone and iPad to make your life easier
Tip 1: Faster battery charging in airplane mode

If you're in a time crunch and need to charge your device quickly (when do you not, right?) you can always switch on airplane mode while on the charger for a faster charge. Airplane mode blocks all incoming and outgoing signals (internet and cellular) so if you're expecting an important phone call this may not be ideal. However, if you're not expecting anything important and have a few minutes to kill, why not give it a shot?
Tip 2: Faster typing with thumb keyboard mode

This little known iOS trick helps a lot for those who find it tedious to type on the iPad. When typing with the keyboard in view, tap and hold the keyboard icon towards the bottom to reveal the "undock" and "split" keyboard options. The split keyboard enables you to get around having to reach your fingers to the middle of the device to quickly type notes and emails.
Tip 3: Keep your device child-friendly

If the kids keep asking to use your iPad but you're worried they might accidentally delete something important, you can always use the device's "Guided Access" function for peace of mind. Once you turn it on, you can pull up your child's favorite app and triple-click the circular home button to keep them there so that being in the Angry Birds app doesn't segue into your Contacts app. Whew!
Tip 4: Tell Siri you're taking a nap (seriously)

Just because you're starting out 2014 with your most productive foot forward doesn't mean you can take a little power nap every now and then! Just let Siri know when to wake you up by giving her a time or how long you'd like to sleep. She'll confirm and add it to your alarms so you can get your sleep on. It's too bad there's no "airplane mode" on our brains, right?

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