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It's likely there are at least a few things each of us can do better or try to spend a little more time on... with respect to personal growth, fitness, family/relationships, career, home, community, etc.  New Years is always a good time to consider hitting the RESET button. 

Climate-wise clearly "we" - all humans inhabiting this earth - need to start making conscious decisions to do things differently, with an eye towards sustainability.  It's easy to get overwhelmed, but you can't start digging a hole without first picking up a shovel - or at least finding a good-sized clam shell :-)

Some things Sustainable Milton is considering doing in the upcoming year are listed below.  Perhaps you might like to help us move some of these projects forward or have other ideas you are passionate about and might like to work on with us?

We will review and prioritize the items we plan to focus on this year at our Annual Board Meeting on Jan 3rd..  While the title of this meeting might sound formal it always begins with a welcoming potluck and is a relaxed and enjoyable evening.  

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Sustainable Milton's Annual Board Mtg and potluck - Thurs Jan 3
for location and other details please email us at

In no particular order, some of the projects we're considering this year include:

  • working with Bike Milton to install a public bike repair stand in a convenient and accessible location
  • updating/upgrading our website
  • motivating people to consider using human or battery-operated lawn care equipment
  • making reusable mesh bags for produce available to our members
  • organizing one/more Styrofoam and/or other hard to recycle materials collection event(s) with a neighboring community such as Dedham
  • working with the Town/Schools to get more water bottle filling and/or electric vehicle recharging stations installed
  • reminding our neighbors that MassSave still provides up to 75% off of insulation (including installation) which may be the quickest big bang, low buck repair you/your landlord can consider making on your property*
  • continuing to work with local schools including MHS, Fontbonne Academy and others, to help inspire the next generation of sustainable leaders
  • continuing to work on events and other projects with local groups whose concerns overlap with Sustainable Milton's
  • continuing our participation at town-wide events such as Celebrate Milton and the Farmer's Market
*  Please note - Home energy assessments are still "free of charge".  They're actually covered by a few cents you pay each month on your electric bill.  Might as well get what you paid for, eh?
So many priorities, so little time...

What are some of the things you might be thinking of doing this year to help save your planet?  Will you...
  • pledge to only wash with cold water and hang more clothes on the line
  • bring reusable bags everywhere, not just to stores in Boston, Milton and other communities that have passed a ban on plastic bags
  • consider landscaping choices that help recharge groundwater beneath your property.  Ideas include adding berms to prevent/slow runoff/enhance infiltration; getting a rain barrel and using it before reaching for the hose; building a rain garden; planting native vegetation suitable for where you're planting it (easier to maintain, uses less water and supports bees, birds, butterflies and other native critters)
  • don't just replace broken equipment with the same type of object.  Consider high efficiency water heaters or on-demand units when your water heater is "done"; consider push mowers or electric lawn care equipment when your lawn tools are too broken to repair (your neighbors will thank you for the quiet, non-stinky replacement); consider a hybrid, electric or dual-fuel vehicle for your next auto purchase; investigate solar panels to offset your energy usage (save $$ and reduce the fossil fuels burned on your behalf)
  • eat like your Grandma did - it's healthier for you and the planet.  Eat less meat and eat humanely-raised meat when you do choose to consume it.  It might cost more, but if you're eating less it averages out.  You'll be healthier and you won't contribute as much to industrial runoff from factory farms.  It's also called voting with your fork :-)
  • ride your bike or a bike share bike more often for exercise, regaining your sanity and/or as a carbon-free way of running errands [don't forget your helmet!]
  • join and become active in Sustainable Milton and/or another group that aligns with issues you are concerned about.
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
- Tara and the Sustainable Milton team

Sustainable Milton

Pres. Daryl Warner, VP Didi Emmons, Treasurer Greg Naviloff, Secretary Fred Taylor; Board Members:  Erick Ask, Henry MacLean, Louie Pierro and Tara Manno Richer

Reach us:  Sustainable Milton is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit org

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