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Green Home Conversations, June 5

Sustainable Milton Presents:  the 2nd in a series of Green Home Conversations

You probably have a pretty good idea what the MPG of your car(s) are, but how many of us have any idea what the (equivalent) MPG of our homes might be?

Think about it.  Your home is burning energy 24 hours a day. What can you do to help minimize the energy use of your home?

In October 2018 the IPCC informed the world we need to reduce carbon emissions 50% by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2050 to avoid cascading, negative effects of climate change.  News like this certainly inspires more than a bit of self-reflection. 

In Milton, homes account for more than half of all CO2 emitted within the town (56%).  That certainly suggests homeowners have a bit of work to do if we're all going to do our part...

Keeping our thoughts positive, what CAN each of us do?

Please join Sustainable Milton this Weds, June 5, a night without the distraction of the Stanley Cup Finals :-)  for an enlightening and entertaining presentation by Milton architect Henry MacLean of Timeless Architecture.  It will be our 2nd in a series of quarterly presentations/conversations about Greening our Homes.

Renovations and Additions: tracking the MPG of our existing homes

Henry P. MacLean, Architect and Sustainable Milton Board Member

Wednesday June 5, 2019
7 - 8:30 PM, Keyes Room 

Milton Public Library
476 Canton Ave

The series features four Milton architects presenting a variety of ways to green existing and new homes.  Topics range from simple renovations to building homes that depend entirely on renewable energy.

The series outlines detailed, practical steps one can engage in to enhance the comfort, value and efficiency of your home and illustrates how the return on investment from insulating to installing solar panels can compete with even aggressive investment strategies. Homeowners who have undergone similar projects will join presenters for an open panel discussion.

Our series began March 6 with Architect Joseph Kennard, who presentied“About a Milton Net Zero Energy Home – Building New Homes in the Age of Energy Conservation”.  Joseph showed us how smart and attractive design seamlessly partner with efficient, low maintenance systems in a recently completed net zero energy Milton home.  Forty five people attended this presentation. 

Our series at the Milton Public Library will continue ...

On Weds June 5, 7 - 8:30 PM Henry P. MacLean, Architect and Sustainable Milton Board Member will discuss "Renovations & Additions: tracking the MPG of our existing homes".

In September JB Clancy, Architect, will present:  "Form Follows Energy – historical evolution of home energy use – How the new energy landscape alters the way we design our homes".

In December Thomas Piatt, Architect, will present:  "Creative Opportunities for Sub-dividing Larger Homes – One family, 2 family, 3 family, 4.. : planning tools for a net zero energy Milton".

September and December dates and other details to follow:

Please Note: These presentations will be filmed and broadcast by Milton Access TV.

Sustainable Milton

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