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MARCH MAGIC SESSIONDan took his watch and said it would be good to be able to manipulate time.  He changed the time on his watch to 9.05 and gave the watch to John Lawson to hold.  Dan said he couldn't steal the thought out of your mind but said he could steal time away from him.  John looked at his watch and it was now 7.45.  Dan said with time we can be pulled back into the past or pulled into the future and we are not living in the present moment..... and the present moment is where the Magic happens.  He got us all to think of something annoying and close our eyes, we took three deep breathes and then opened our eyes, when we opened our eyes we were in the present moment and had forgotten about the problem.... Welcome to the NOW.  
Let's live our NOW to the best of our ability!

It was great to see a new face here this month, Raz who is 16 years became interested in magic when Dan performed at his school last year.
Welcome to our sessions RAZ.
Let Me Show You!
Member Performances for the evening.
Drew needed a volunteer that was a bit of a smartiepants... It just so happened that a few people said Joseph was so he gladly helped out.  Drew got Joseph to sit on a prediction card then shuffled a deck of cards then got Jo to cut the deck in half.  Jo then had to decide which pile he wanted to get rid of.  Drew removed that lot of cards then they repeated the process until there was only a few cards left.  He then got Jo to tap on the back of one of the remaining cards and Drew held that one against his chest, Jo got up and placed the card he had been sitting on against his chest.  On the count of three they both showed their cards and revealed they were identical.  Which proves Joseph is a Smartiepants!
Bert Lyster was our next performer.  He told us that water and oil do not like to mix... He had four water cards and four oil cards, he proceeded to mix them up putting oil in the water and water in the oil, but somehow they kept returning back to their own side. He never once put the two sides together!
Jeff asked Kane to come and give him a hand.  Jeff asked Kane to pick a card and to remember it and show it to the audience.  Kane put it back into the deck and Jeff said as he goes through the deck there will be one card that is slightly different to the rest.  Jeff went through the deck and Kane found that his card was turned around the other way.  Kane's card was taken out of the deck and he chose another one.  Jeff clicked his fingers and they went through the deck but there was nothing unusual about the deck this time.  Jeff wondered what had happened and asked Kane what his card was.  He replied 'two of spades' Jeff asked Kane to pick up his first card that was on the chair and low and behold it was the two of spades.......
The last of our Let me show you performances was Silloo.  Silloo had four jokers that were wearing crowns and were on bikes, they thought they were Kings.  One was called Kind Arthur and was the leader, all the other kings followed him so if he turned the wrong way then so would the others.  So he decided to turn face down so all the others did the same.  He gets so fed up as everyone always follows him so he decided to get off his bike and go to the pub.  Silloo put him in a card case.  The other three kings realised he was missing and decided to get off their bikes and go to the pub too.  She then turned the other three cards over to show their bikes were missing and when she went to the card case she revealed all four kings on the one bike at King Arthur's pub.
Presenting Our Lecturer
The one, the only............ Joe Lewis

Joe believes in making the audience feel great and positive unlike some magicians who make their helper look like a dill and getting a laugh at their expense from the rest of the audience.  He has evolved 'The Invisible Deck Magic Card Trick' and presented his positive way of performing it so the helper as an important part of the trick.  Joe likes to bring across the persona of the magician being a nice guy who loves entertaining and just wants to have fun, he also compliments the helpers with sayings like, he's good, you don't know how good he is or she's incredible what fantastic esp you have'.
Joe asked Julie up to help him demonstrate 'The Invisible Deck".  He told Julie that he had fifty one cards face down and only one card face up and as he is sure she has great esp she is going to name the face up card.  He asked her to think of a card, think carefully to pick the right one.  Joe asked Julie if she believed in esp and said this was the sixth sense we have hidden.  He asked Julie if she felt the power of the card coming through, he got the audience to say Hallelujah.   He then asked Julie what card she was thinking of and she said five of hearts. He didn't believe it and said how amazing and how incredible that the only card that was turned up was the five of hearts and that her esp skills were incredible.  
Joe then told us how we could make our own invisible deck, going through the steps and showing us exactly how he does this. Thank you for your wisdom and great performance.

Joe also showed us a great way to use the thumb tip using a Pat Page vanish.  He told us he had a Trap Door... Sugically implanted into his hand at great expense!  He then vanished a silk but the way he did it wasn't the usual thumb tip routine, it was fast, snappy and tricky.  He repeats the vanish a second time in a different way so it throws the audience off and he slows it down.  Then he shows his trap door one more time and quickly puts the silk and tip into his pocket and goes straight into his next trick.
This month's Raffle was won by......
Our own little Smartiepants........... Joseph 

Next month's theme is EASTER so hop along and egg on everyone
to come along for some
Fun, Friendship and of course loads of MAGIC!

Monday 10th April
Nerang RSL 
6.15pm for a 6.30pm start

April will also be a very short General Meeting, it is important we keep you up to date with the club's news and would love to hear any input from our members!

Stay tuned and follow the magic.....

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