Are you ready to be #awesome?

We're proud of you.  No, really - we are.  You've gotten yourself on Twitter. Maybe you set it up yourself, or maybe you got yourself a shiny new Smart Build from Multibrain.  In any event, you have it and now it's time to play. 

You may be intimidated by how cryptic tweets look.  Don't be!  We want to show you the most commonly used one, and it's really a valuable tool.  At the end of many posts you will see the # sign (pronounced hash, not pound) followed by some words.

Sample tweet:

Another fine 4th quarter performance by Andrew Bynum #Lakers #SorryBoston

So what's the point of hash tags?  They are a way to quickly and easily categorize your posts by topic.  This works brilliantly for search.  So if you want to see what the world is thinking about the Lakers game, all you need to do is go to twitter and search #Lakers. You will then see loads of posts about the boys in Purple and Gold.  

What are you interested in?  Hash tags are used for just about any topic, #sunnyinla, #ilovefriday, #multibrainrocks, as example.  Give it a try now, even just for your business name, or a topic that has something to do with your business and join the conversation.  Be sure to start categorizing your own posts with hash tags, so your followers can help spread the word.  BTW, we like our "hash" browns #extracrispy.

Did you find this helpful?  Let us know!  Connect with us below: 

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