In Ballast to the White Sea
A Scholarly Edition
A Novel by Malcolm Lowry

Edited and with introduction by Patrick A. McCarthy
Annotations by Chris Ackerley
Foreword by Vik Doyen, Miguel Mota, and Paul Tiessen

Lowry cover  
After a fire broke out in Lowry's cabin in 1944, all that remained of In Ballast to the White Sea were a few sheets of burned paper. Until now. 

Decades after Lowry's death it became known that Lowry's first wife, Jan Gabrial, still had a typescript of the once-lost novel. 

Now published for the first time, In Ballast to the White Sea is Malcolm Lowry's most ambitious work. Inspired by his life experience, the novel recounts the story of a Cambridge undergraduate who aspires to be a writer but has come to believe that both his book and, in a sense, his life have already been "written"..... read more

Malcolm Lowry was born in 1909 in Northwest England, near Liverpool. During the 1930s he lived in London, New York, Mexico, and Los Angeles before moving to British Columbia in 1939. This move marked the start of a startlingly fertile period in Lowry's career as a 20th-century writer. His masterpiece, Under the Volcano (1947), is one of the last great modernist novels.

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