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UOP at the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais
Four of our authors attended the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais, February 28 to March 3. Marie-Claude Thifault and Isabelle Perreault (L’Incontournable caste des femmes), Catherine Khordoc (Tours et détours), and André Lecours (Nationalisme et protection sociale) met with visitors on the Prologue stand. This year, the fair welcomed more than 37,000 visitors.

Photo : André Lecours, co-author along with Daniel Béland of Nationalisme et protection sociale, signing books at the fair.


New in the Digital Domain
We are pleased to announce that as of 2013, all open access titles will be licensed under a creative commons license.

Bragging Rights
Translating WomenOn Becoming in Translation: Articulating Feminisms in the Translation of Marie Vieux-Chauvet’s Les Rapaces by Carolyn Shread in Translating Women (edited by Luise von Flotow) was awarded the 2011 Florence Howe Award for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship (Women’s Caucus of the Modern Languages Association).

Stigma RevisitedStigma Revisited: Implications of the Mark edited by Stacey Hannem and Chris Bruckert was reviewed in Blacklock's Reporter Issue No. 019.

"The animal kingdom enforces a hierarchy in which members deemed inferior are put in their place….Stigma Revisited is an arresting account of this same sort of thing in human-kind, in which individuals are marginalized for the gratification of the rest of us. They are “risky” people, write the authors; the kind who “somehow threaten the social order” – foreigners, the homeless, the mentally ill, the morally weak. Stigma Revisited is not an account of bullying or hurt feelings. It is the documentation of society’s need to peck away at “individuals who carry discreditable characteristics,"  explain editors Stacey Hannem and Chris Bruckert, both criminologists."

The Case for Centralized FederalismThe Case for Decentralized FederalismThe Case for Centralized Federalism, edited by Gordon DiGiacomo et Maryantonett Flumian and The Case for Decentralized Federalism,edited by Ruth Hubbard et Gilles Paquet, were reviewed in Publius: TheJournal of Federalism, (Winter 2013) 43(1).
“These two volumes are an impressive contribution to the federalism literature. The editors bring together expertise that covers the history, theory, policy analysis, legal, and empirical approaches that comprehensively review the major issues and arguments for centralized and decentralized federalism in Canada. This two-volume work is an outstanding collection of essays of great interest and importance to federalism scholars.”

Life, Fish and MangrovesLife, Fish and Mangroves: Resource Governance in Coastal Cambodia, by Melissa Marschke, was reviewed in Fauna & Flora International, Oryx, 47(1), 153-155.

Life, Fish and Mangroves is a decade-long research endeavour by Marschke, showcasing her attempt to understand (1) how livelihoods shift, evolve and adapt in resource-dependent coastal communities in Cambodia, (2) the role of decentralized resource governance in such situations, and (3) the potential for multiple forms of governance in situations where decline of resources has severe livelihood implications. Such questions are clearly important in a context such as Cambodia, a country ranked 139 on the Human Development Index and where an estimated 75% of all protein consumed in rural areas comes from fish. I found the case study in Koh Sralao absorbing.”

March 2013

Forthcoming Titles
La rationalité pénale moderne : Réflexions théoriques et explorations empiriques
Edited by Richard Dubé, Margarida Garcia and Maíra Rocha Machado
March 2013

Eight Men Speak: A Play by Oscar Ryan et al.Edited by Alan Filewod
March 2013

Dans tous les sens du terme
Edited by Jean Quirion, Loïc Depecker and Louis-Jean Rousseau
April 2013

Dominike Thomas, Acquisitions Editor will be attending the 81st congress of l’Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS), May 6 to 10th at the University of Laval.

We’ll be attending Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Victoria June 1-8th. More information to come.

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