Home Ground and Foreign Territory
Essays on Early Canadian Literature
Edited by Janice Fiamengo

The first multi-disciplinary collection of essays to focus exclusively on early Canadian literature with the aim of reassessing the field and proposing new approaches.

Home Ground and Foreign Territory is an original collection of essays on early Canadian literature in English. Aiming to be both provocative and scholarly, it encompasses a variety of (sometimes opposing) perspectives, subjects, and methods, with the aim of reassessing the field, unearthing neglected texts, and proposing new approaches to canonical authors. Renowned experts in early Canadian literary studies, including D.M.R. Bentley, Mary Jane Edwards, and Carole Gerson, join emerging scholars in a collection distinguished by its clarity of argument and breadth of reference. Together, the essays offer bold and informative contributions to the study of this dynamic literature...... read more

Janice Fiamengo is Professor of English at the University of Ottawa, where she teaches Canadian literature and nineteenth-century literature. She is the author of The Woman’s Page: Journalism and Rhetoric in Early Canada (2008), published by the University of Toronto Press, and Other Selves: Animals in the Canadian Literary Imagination (2007), published by the University of Ottawa Press.

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