‘You’re not fooling anybody’: Eichenwald challenges Tucker Carlson with a binder full of his falsehoods

‘These boots will make your dad want to f*ck you’: Reviewers assail Ivanka Trump’s shoes on Amazon

Van Jones humiliates Kayleigh McEnany by schooling her on how government and diplomacy actually works

Trump tells Pennsylvania fans they can thank African-Americans for not voting in November election

‘There is a real crisis of legitimacy’: John Lewis says Russian hacks threaten ‘soul of our democracy’

Journalist among 16 arrested as protestors storm NC General Assembly over ‘shameful’ special session

KKK gear for sale on gun site where Zimmerman tried to auction gun used to kill Trayvon Martin

Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison lay out their plans to defeat Trump’s pernicious agenda

CNN analyst unloads on ‘disgusting’ response to Russian hacks: ‘Shut up’ and stop the next attack

It took Fox News three months to acknowledge the Russians hacked the election — but they finally did

Police chief resigns over racist email of naked women: ‘Don’t the blacks know white lives matter too?!’

Bill O’Reilly: Companies under Trump must say Merry Christmas ‘or they will be deported’
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