Welcome to the May 2013 newsletter from Make A Difference Insurance (formerly Fortitude Financial Management).  In this issue: The big insurance companies exposed.

The Big Insurers Exposed

Many people aren't aware of the difference between Direct insurers, such as those you might see on television, and an Insurance Broker.  Direct Insurers are simply selling a product and invest very little time in helping a customer determine their insurance needs. 

Brian Jones, being aware that Direct Insurers were investing a lot of money in television advertising, undertook some research to compare our prices with those of the most visible Direct Insurers.  The results as shown below were compelling. 

As well as offering a significant cost saving, Brian and the Make A Difference Insurance team are dedicated to providing you with the best possible insurance advice.  We believe that can't be done without taking the time to get to know you and what is important to you and your family.  We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers right through the life of a policy and know that you may need an advocate at claim time - someone who understands your entitlements and can  negotiate on your behalf to ensure claims are handled sensitively and quickly - something the big insurers just do not do.

 Welcome to Spencer

The Make A Difference family welcomed a new member in January, with the arrival of Spencer Patterson. 

Congratulations to our Senior Adviser, James, and wife Belinda on the arrival of their first child.


Brian is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Adviser, Mathew Dransfield who joins us from within the Insurance Industry. Mathew has recently moved to Melbourne and loves our café scene, although he is missing Perth's surf beaches!

We also welcome back Caroline Jones who has returned to the Make A Difference team after the birth of Kynan, Brian and Caroline's first child, nine months ago.

Meagan Seach returns also to the Make A Difference Head Office after a few months working on a special project in an affiliate office.

Why DisabilityCare Is No Substitute for Life Insurance

The Government’s announcement that it intends to partially fund the DisabilityCare scheme through an increase to the Medicare levy of 0.5% is undoubtedly a great step forward for the hundreds of thousands of Australians born with, or who have an acquired disability that severely impacts their lives. 

Although we welcome the launch of the DisabilityCare scheme, it has become apparent that there is some confusion about the scheme.

The DisabilityCare scheme draft rules outline the things to be considered if funding is to be provided. This includes what it is reasonable to expect families, carers, informal networks and the community to provide. In practice, this means that those with greater support from families and others in the community will receive less funding than someone without that same level of support.

Life insurance is primarily concerned with whether the insured person meets the defined event and policy terms regardless of the level of support available to them through their families, carers or the community in general. In short, the payment that you may receive in the event of acquiring a disability is not at all dependent on your net worth or the ability of your loved ones or carers to provide for you.

What DisabilityCare won't cover and why Life Insurance is still important....
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