A New Year's resolution that will mint gold.
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Be gentle with yourself.

Howdy Anne,

The new year brings us all into a place of reflection and clarity, which is why the proverbial Resolutions are so popular. Now, Resolutions are great, but what’s even better is a super kickass Habit. And no, I’m not talking about a coke or cheeto Habit. I’m talking about a visualizing-yourself-reaching-your-goals Habit.

You might be thinking that Resolutions and Habits are virtually the same thing, and I would agree up to a point. The discernment is the level of kindness you extend to yourself.

Resolutions are often severe, unrealistic, and demanding, while conscious Habits are gentle, reasonable, and uplifting. Time to choose wisely. (tweet it)

Be good to yourself and create some new habits this year that take you where you want to go. And as always…

Give ‘em Hell,

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