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Karama's Spring News

 Lush UK has once again very generously funded Karama this April 2015! Lush UK’s Charity Pot provides funding for small grassroots groups that promote i.a. human rights. Remember Lush was one of the first to support the rooftop gardens in Deheishe! :) 

This time, the money will be used to build another series of rooftop greenhouses with an emphasis on including youth. During training they will learn simple gardening AND food processing skills which will also enables them to sell their produce locally for extra income! Positively, this increases and encourages self-reliance and stimulates the local economy. As agricultural land is seized and harvests regularly damaged, producing on our roofs offers many opportunities. 

As an extra gift: LUSH UK will also feature our project in their monthly magazin AND on their products! So if you are in the UK in May, make sure to pop into one of their shops and ask for the Charity Pot. 

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One of Karama's local volunteers has given a boost of Palestinian traditional creativity in the center! Mouad has fired up the girls to take up Dabka classes again and they have been practising 3 times a week. A preview was given to the Belgium visitors, but we can't wait for the real performance this summer!
Karama's rooftop gardens continue to receive local & international media attention, while new partnerships are developing. Though some delay with the donor will make us start building after Ramadan, we are excited to participate in the UN-Habitat Youth Fund. Did you see Kevin complete the project management course? 
Plans are ready for the upcoming summer, will you join us to make this summer for the youth of Palestine a success?
To support our work, Karama will participate in the upcoming GlobalGiving Bonus Day where 75,000 USD of matching funds are available. Mark Wednesday May 13th to support us!

Reflections From A Volunteer 

        I knew that volunteering with Karama would be an amazing though challenging experience. Just by chance there was a Witness Tour with a group from Karama Belgium scheduled during the time that I planned to be here this April 2015. I am lucky that I was allowed to join the group on the 9 day tour. It gave me the chance to see and feel the beautiful landscapes, cities, villages and cultures of Palestine. It also enabled me to witness the reality of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation on a much larger scale than what I would have otherwise experienced just locally in Deheishe as a volunteer. All of the history, facts and political information that I received or the checkpoints, settlements and angering effects of Israeli apartheid that I saw on a daily basis I was able to process in a loving, fun, crazy and welcoming home. My host family took me in, fed me (too well), cared for me and helped me to understand what I was experiencing.

It is clear that no matter how politically aware you are or how strongly you claim to support a cause you can never fully understand the reality of a situation unless you are there with your feet on their ground, in their homes, or in their refugee camps standing on empty tear gas canisters leftover from Israeli soldier night raids. You have to feel it with your own skin and witness it with your own eyes, and once you do it’s something that can never be unfelt or unseen. Being here has started a fire inside of me that won’t go out until something is done. Karama is an inspiring organization but it is the people of Palestine that continue to inspire me the most. I am leaving with so much more than just knowledge and images, this place has left an imprint on my heart and this experience has changed my life. For this I am forever grateful. Life is mostly full of uncertainties but one thing I know for certain is that I will be back here soon.
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