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  June 2011

First Living in Love Scheduled for Trenton
Thanks to the passionate enthusiasm of Anne and John Brunetti and Maria and Robert Dolan the first Living in Love retreat in the Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey is scheduled to take place at St Veronica’s Catholic Church in Howell on 25-26 June 2011.  Brunetti’s and Dolan’s experienced Living in Love in Camden and Philadelphia in February and November respectfully and immediately approached Peg Hensler of the Diocesan Office of Family Life with a sense of urgency and purpose. 

Peg has been great in promoting the weekend throughout the diocese, providing diocesan resources to print and distribute advertising , and covering the cost of the Saturday night dinner.  Many Priests and Deacons (with their wives) have been especially encouraged to participate along with parishioners at St Veronica’s in this kickoff event for the diocese.  It is not too late to register; so, please, tell everyone you know in central New Jersey about this great opportunity.

Trenton joins two other dioceses in New Jersey promoting Living in Love and Preparing to Live in Love.  Couples in Metuchen and Camden who have already experienced Living in Love can help make this a successful beginning by encouraging their friends and relatives in Trenton to sign up for the weekend, come to help out with the Saturday night dinner, and pray for everyone presenting or participating .

St Charles Borromeo Hosts a Powerhouse Living in Love

Nathan and Tonya Riggins
presenting at St Charles Borromeo

Great couples!  Great facility!  Great weekend!  St Charles Borromeo parish in Sicklerville, NJ hosted Living in Love over the weekend of 14-15 May.  For the first time in the Camden Diocese, one of the presenting couples, Dick and Marie Schmitt, were members of the hosting parish.  Thanks to Dick and Marie, a systematic publicity campaign over the last four months brought out an enthusiastic parish response.  Msgr James Tracy and the entire parish staff stood solidly behind this initiative and generously supported all aspects of the event.  Fr Vincent Orum A.J. personally participated in most of the Saturday presentations and Fr John Rossi joined the weekend for dinner.
John and Christy Vasquez
presenting at St Charles Borromeo

John and Christy Vasquez of Old Saint Joseph parish in Philadelphia joined the team at the last minute and earned a spontaneous round of applause following their sharings in the Trust talk.  Poignant and rowdy moments abounded only to culminate in the final prayer of thanksgiving, but the Living in Love talk provided it’s own signature event when the Team mentioned that skin-to-skin was Fr Chuck’s idea and the oldest husband in the group chirped out loud, “I love Chuck Gallagher!” and another husband suggested we make up bumper stickers to that effect so that when people ask , “Who’s Chuck Gallagher?”  we can tell them about the weekend. 
Beginning in June, Dick and Marie Schmitt will be leading a Friday night follow-up group and Ron and Kathy Feher will be leading a Tuesday night group.  Anyone who has made Living in Love elsewhere in Camden is also welcome to participate in either of these Living in Love Every Day groups.  Please, contact the PMRC at 610-640-4105 or PMRCusa@msn.com if interested.
Living in Love Weekend Participants
St Charles Borromeo

Teen Program Needs Photos
The new fundamentals of relationship course for teens, Matrimony – an invitation to Live in Love was developed and field tested over the last 9 months.  It is available for additional field testing; however, it is our intent to replace many of the current graphics with appropriate photos of happy teenagers in group settings having fun.  If you would be willing to share some of your family photos and allow them to be used in the Matrimony Student Workbook it would help us to keep down the cost of production by not having to purchase stock photography.  Please, send photos to the PMRC at PO Box 2304, Southeastern, PA 19399 or email digital photos to PMRCusa@msn.com.  If we are able to use your photos, we will request photo release documentation before including them in our printed materials.  Any help you can provide will make this extraordinary program even better.


You are Invited to join the many Priests, Deacons and Lay Leaders from across the U.S. and abroad who share your passion for Marriage and Family Life!  On August 3-6, 2011, the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM) in partnership with the USCCB Secretariat for Laity, Marriage, Family Life & Youth are hosting an incredible international conference where you will be able to learn from top leaders in the field of marriage and family research, enrichment, education and spirituality! 
Details are on the NACFLM.org website. Consider becoming a member of NACFLM, if you are not already, and help us to continue to advocate for and lead in Catholic ministry to Marriage and Family Life.  Membership includes conference discount.



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Living in Love
Coming Up!

25-26 Jun
St Veronica, Howell, NJ

25-26 Jun
St Ann, Deming, NM

9-10 Jul
Christ the King, Ann Arbor, MI

17-18 Sep
Holy Child, Runnemede, NJ

1-2 Oct
St Luke, Shoreline, WA

1-2 Oct
Our Lady of Good Council, Plymouth, MI

8-9 Oct
St Matthew, Charlotte, NC

15-16 Oct
St Thomas of Villanova, Rosemont, PA

Please Pray for
Presenting Teams!

Please pray for each of the couples who will be making Living in Love for the first time in the coming weeks and for those who will be facilitating the weekends for them.

St Veronica, Howell, NJ
25-26 Jun
Ron and Kathy Feher
Robert and Maria Dolan

St Ann, Deming, NM
25-26 Jun
Bob and Paulette Brotherton
Lyle and Cathy Huber

Christ the King,  Ann Arbor, MI
9-10 Jul
Dick and Stephanie Giba
Gary and Cindy Hunter
Alan and Michele Hufnagel
Jesse and Amy Ekblad

What Have You
Done For Your
Marriage Lately?

Share your little everyday kindnesses, sacrifices, and playfulness as an inspiration to others to go out of their way to make our spouses feel loved.

Whenever Dave and Stephanie start taking themselves too seriously or if they are just feeling playful, one or the other will whisper, “Remember, I’m naked under these clothes.”  It’s amazing what a simple reminder will do to call us back to the reality of being a man and a woman in love.


Share the blessings of the Living in Love retreat with those you love and care about.  Give them a gift that will transform their lives forever, the gift of Living in Love!  Gift certificates are available from the PMRC and will be honored anywhere the Living in Love retreat workshop is offered.  Just contact us at PMRCusa@msn.com or call 610-640-4105.


Please share your local news with the growing Living in Love community.  Simply email a brief write up and any photos to PMRCusa@msn.com by the first of the month to be included in the next monthly newsletter.
If you have a special anecdote or heart warming story from your own relationship or someone you know personally that would inspire other couples to marry each other well, we would be happy to publish it.  Please, limit yourself to less than 250 words.

Living in Love
Every Day
Video Course

A new, self-help version of the Living in Love Every Day course will soon be available for purchase.  Just sit back in your own home on any night you choose and pop in a session to have Ron and Kathy Feher lead you through all the fun exercises and skills training designed to help you stay in love while navigating the stresses of Everyday life while equipping you to communicate your experience of the Sacrament of Matrimony to the next generation.
If you are interested in purchasing a very nominally priced DVD of this event, please contact the PMRC at PMRCusa@msn.com or 610-640-4105.  We will rush them out as soon as they are available.
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