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February 2011

One Day Mentor Training in Camden

Ron & Kathy Feher
Plans are moving forward for a one-day Mentor Training in the Diocese of Camden, NJ.  In a move to train additional mentors for Preparing to Live in Love on an accelerated timeline, Ron and Kathy Feher will conduct an abbreviated presentation of the key content of the eight session Living in Love Every Day life-skills training course on 30 April 2011 at St Charles Borromeo Church in Sicklerville.  While the one-day experience will be designed to equip couples who have already experienced the Living in Love Retreat workshop to work with engaged couples in response to the growing need for mentors, it will also provide all the basic skills offered in Living in Love Every Day for couples who have found it difficult to participate in the normal two month course.  Couples wishing to participate should contact the PMRC office at 610-640-4105 or PMRCusa@msn.com

The day will run from 8:30 am to roughly 8:00 pm with breaks for lunch and dinner.  A $30 registration fee will cover hospitality for the day including all meals, beverages and snacks but an additional freewill donation will be requested to cover the cost of the materials and training.  All Living in Love couples are welcome including current mentors who would benefit from a refresher course or may just be looking for a day together focused on each other.

Incarnation gets things rolling in New Jersey

Robert & Maria Dolan
The Church of the Incarnation in Mantua, NJ hosted their first Living in Love weekend on 12-13 Feb kicking off 2011 in the Camden Diocese with a ring of excitement.  Thanks to the enthusiasm and personal effort of Fr Mike Romano, the parish recruited 12 magnificent couples who are on fire with love.  The presenting Team led by Ron and Kathy Feher included Dick and Marie Schmitt who were presenting for just the second time and first time presentors, Robert and Maria Dolan.   Bob and Shirley Oliver served the dinner.

We are grateful for the entire parish staff and their commitment to the Sacrament of Matrimony.  We know of no other parish that has embraced the USCCB Pastoral Initiative so fully and actually implemented a comprehensive program of initiatives for marriage in 2011.  The banner over the church entrance reads, “What have you done for your marriage lately?”
Anne and John Brunetti came all the way from St Veronica’s Chucrch in Freehold to experience Living in Love and are determined to bring it back to their own parish as well as every other parish in the Diocese of Trenton.

Many of the couples from Incarnation will begin the followup skills course, Living in Love Every Day on Sunday 27 Feb.  A second LLED group that will include couples off the upcoming Living in Love weekend at Our Lady of Hope in Blackwood will start up on Wednesdy, 9 March.

Valentine’s Living in Love @ St Thomas of Villanova

Bob and Shirley Serving Dinner
Bob and Ruth Arata, Tim and Christine Coleman, and Peter and Janice Thompson teamed up to present the annual St Valentine’s Living in Love weekend to 8 couples from St Thomas of Villanova and St Anastasia parishes at the St Thomas Rosemont Chapel.  The spirit of St Valentine simply permeated the atmosphere with a broad cross section of couples from those married many years to one engaged couple looking forward to their wedding in a few months.

A very special Thank You! To Dave and Stephanie D’Arcangel and Scott and Amy Turnquist who provided all the hospitality for the weekend as well as a delicious and romantic dinner Saturday night.  Congratulations and a warm thank you to the Living in Love Every Day graduates, Mike and Patty Boken, Godfrey and Sweta Nazareth, and Gary and Susan Kahler who combined their graduation and commissioning with serving the Saturday night dinner.

Four New Mentors for Camden

The Mentor community of Camden is continuing to grow with the addition of four new mentors, Bert and Jeannette Figueroa, David and Catherine Earp, Michael and Anita McCafferty, and Craig and Judy Bickel.  Graduation and Commissioning took place Sunday evening 20 Feb at Craig and Judy Bickel’s home in Haddon Heights. 

This group combined the excitement of youth (Figueroa and Earp) with the wisdom of experience (McCafferty and Bickel).  Bert and Jeannette has already met with their first engaged couple and Fr Chris Ruggles of Christ the King parish in Haddonfield has been chomping at the bit wating for David and Catherine to complete their training in order to send engaged couples their way.  Michael and Anita wil be bringing Preparing to Live in Love to their home parish of Holy Eucharist and Craig and Judy to St Rose of Lima.  Every one is uniquely inspiring and an incredible blessing to the church.

Schmitt’s to Cordinate Mentors in Southern New Jersey

Dick and Marie Schmitt may be retired from industry but there is no grass growing under their feet.  After making Living in Love last June, they have given pulpit talks, presented two weekends, mentored an engaged couple, and have now taken on the responsibility to coordinate the sharing of mentors between parishes in the Camden Diocese.  This is an incredibly important role.  As more parishes embrace Living in Love and desire to offer Preparing to Live in Love to their engaged, they often do not  have a sufficient number of mentors to service their engaged whereas other parishes may have available mentors near by.  Dick and Marie are a single point of contact for the Diocesan Office of Family Life and Pastors who would like to offer Preparing to Live in Love.  The Schmitt’s will pulse mentor availability and match engaged couples to mentors outside of their home parish on an as-available basis.  Dick and Marie can be reached at 856-435-1629 or schmitt31895@comcast.net.



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Living in Love
Coming Up!

26-27 Feb:
Our Lady of Hope, Blackwood, NJ

5-6 Mar:
Our Lady of Good Council, Plymouth, MI

5-6 Mar:
Holy Trinity, Honolulu, HI

19-20 Mar:
Holy Rosary, Edmonds, WA

26-27 Mar:
St Pius X, Fairfield, CT

26-27 Mar:
Holy Family, Syracuse, NY

14-15 May:
St Charles Borromeo, Sicklerville, NJ

8-9 Oct:
St Matthew, Charlotte, NC

Please Pray for
Presenting Teams!

Please pray for each of the couples who will be making Living in Love for the first time in the coming weeks and for those who will be facilitating the weekends for them.

Our Lady of Hope, Blackwood, NJ
26-27 Feb
Ron and Kathy Feher
Dick and Marie Schmitt
Nathan and Tonya Riggins

Our Lady of Good Council, Plymouth, MI
5-6 Mar
Dick and Stephanie Giba
Jeff and Amy Randolf
Joe and Valerie Bozzo
Jesse and Amy Ekblad
Steven and Audrey Monaghan

Holy Trinity, Honolulu, HI
5-6 Mar
Ed and Betty Coda

Holy Rosary/St Luke, Edmonds, WA
19-20 Mar
Ron and Kathy Feher
Fred and Anne Janssen
Fernand and Debra Ricard
Walt and Mary Davis
Wendel and Vicki Parker

St Pius X, Fairfield, CT
26-27 Mar
Drew And Meghan Hill
Bob and Peg Ellwanger
Greg and Jen Carozza

Holy Family, Syracuse, NY
26-27 Mar
Bob and Bridget Buttner
Fran and Pam Stepien
Jack and Laurie Fitch
Scott and Carol Harris
Chris and Camie Keenan
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