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  January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

It is with a great sense of anticipation that we welcome the New Year into our hearts and homes.  There is an awareness that a new year brings with it new opportunities as well as a chance to thank God for the blessings of the past year and let go of anything that might hold us back from being the couple or family we want to be. 
The Church starts the new year with the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, and we entrust our work for marriage to her caring intercession.
We are already excited about the Living in Love weekends we have scheduled and the possibilities that are in the works.  2012 is stacking up to be a real “breakout” year and we thank God for each of you and the difference you are making in your families and parishes simply by living the vision of sacramental love entrusted to you.  May God bless you all with both passion and peace. 

Trenton Commissions First Mentors

Led by Robert and Maria Dolan, couples who had experienced the Living in Love retreat/workshop at St Veronica’s in Howell, NJ in 2011 completed the first ever Living in Love Every Day followup in December at the Dolan’s home.  Joined by Fr Matthew Riedlinger and experienced mentor trainers John and Cathy Scansaroli from the Diocese of Metuchen and Dick and marie Schmitt from the Diocese of Camden, Robert and Maria blessed and commissioned the first class of mentors for the Diocese of Trenton including John and Anne Brunnetti, Antonia and Maria Medina, Allen and Sandi Montefusco, and David and Chrystyna Van Sise. 


Living in Love Every Day
Graduation and Commissioning
 at the home of Robert and Maria Dolan (center)

2012 Stacking up to be a Banner Year!

We are all excited about the potential for 2012.  New areas are opening up - Houston, TX is preparing to offer Living in Love for the first time in February and we are moving forward with plans in the Diocese of Kansas City, KS to roll out Preparing to Live in Love on a broad scale beginning in March.  Many established areas are continuing to grow; so, we see every component of the Living in Love program suite off to a great start.  The potential for a truly amazing year is palpable.  There are 14 Living in Love retreat workshops scheduled already for the first 6 months of 2012.  Registrations for Preparing to Live in Love are flowing in daily.  Beginning to Live in Love is scheduled at 4 locations and we are considering adding more. And, Mentor Training will be taking place after every Living in Love weekend and at several one-day training events as well.
If you experienced Living in Love but did not go through Living in Love Every Day, please contact us for information about upcoming opportunities or to obtain the LLED DVD course.

How about a Valentine's Day Refresher!

What better way to celebrate St Valentine’s Day in 2012 than to make an anniversary Living in Love weekend.  Anyone who has experienced Living in Love can experience it again.  In fact, we have found that we hear so much more the second time around.  As fabulous as the weekend was the first time, you probably heard only 20-30% of what was actually said.  Couples tell us that no matter how many times they go on the weekend, they always get something new and they are never bored.
So, treat your spouse to another Living in Love as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, or make the weekend again for your wedding anniversary.  Check out the upcoming weekend and register online. 

Engaged Choose More! 

It is gratifying and a cause for hope that we are seeing engaged couples who have the opportunity to choose between the one-on-one, 7 session Preparing to Live in Love marriage preparation program and a small to large group, 4 session Beginning to Live in Love adapation of the same content and skills are choosing the more ambitious (and effective) Preparing to Live in Love.  They really like the concept of a personal marriage coach and do not balk at the number of sessions.  This runs contrary to the expectations of many couples and priests who have been working in the marriage preparation field who seem to assume a more minimalist attitude that we have not found to be the case.  There is real excitement about getting a great start for marriage and surprise that the Catholic Church is offering such a practical, flexible, and personal approach.

PLL Scores on Evaluation Data!

Results of the Preparing to Live in Love post-program evaluation show an impressive impact on the engaged.  Here is some of the preliminary data:
96% of respondants indicate a positive overall impact on their relationship with 42% identifying PLL as Extremely positive and Life Changing
84% of respondants indicate that PLL improved or dramatically improved their relationship or opinion of the Catholic Church
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most beneficial marriage preparation course imaginable, the average response was 9 and 54% of respondants rated PLL a perfect 10. 
These results are a tribute to every mentor couple who has generously shared their home and their lives with the engaged and shows the tremendous impact they are having on the next generation of Matrimony and on the Catholic Church.

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Living in Love Weekends Coming Up!

21-22 Jan: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ewa Beach, HI

11-12 Feb: St Mary on the Hill, Augusta, GA

11-12 Feb: St Charles Borromeo, Sicklerville, NJ

11-12 Feb: St Thomas, Villanova, PA

18-19 Feb: St Anthony of Padua, Kailua, HI

18-19 Feb: St Paul, Houston, TX

3-4 Mar: St Vincent de Paul, Mays Landing, NJ

24-25 Mar: Our Lady of Good Counsel, Plymouth, MI

24-25 Mar: Holy Eucharist, Cherry Hill, NJ

24-25 Mar: St Anastasia, Newtown Square, PA

Please Pray for Presenting Teams!

Please pray for each of the couples who will be making Living in Love for the first time in the coming weeks and for those who will be facilitating the weekends for them.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ewa Beach, HI
January 21-22
Ed and Betty Coda

St Charles Borromeo, Sicklerville NJ
February 11-12
Dick and Marie Schmitt
Paul and Diana Hennessey
Kent and Nancy VanAmburg
Larry and Mary Pursell

St Thomas of Villanova, Rosemont, PA
February 11-12
David and Stephanie D’Arcangelo
Jim and Liz Clark
Mike and Patty Boken

St Mary on the Hill, Augusta, GA


February 11-12
Ron and Kathy Feher
Todd and Lee Merchen
Curtis and Liz Klebba

St Paul, Houston, TX
February 18-19
Ron and Kathy Feher

Beginning to Live in Love - large group marriage preparation workshops for the engaged

Our Lady of Hope, Blackwood, NJ
January 8, 15, 22, 29

St Anastasia, Newtown Square, PA
March 4, 11, 18, 25

Church of the Good Shepard, Vineland, NJ
June 2, 9, 16, 23

Camden Diocese (Location TBD)
September 9, 16, 23, 30


What have You Done For Your Marriage Lately?

Share your little everyday kindnesses, sacrifices, and playfulness as an inspiration to others to go out of their way to make their spouse feel loved.
Making the Bed - Naturally! – There are many activities that we do mechanically every day, like making the bed.  They are routine activities that happen without much conscious thought and fill our day without impacting the way we relate to each other as husband and wife.  It occurred to me as I was making the bed and my wife was putting on her makeup that my routine was to shower, shave, dress, and then make the bed if she had not done so already.  What if, I wondered, I showered, shaved, and made the bed before I got dressed!  Next day, I tried it.  Suddenly, I had my wife’s attention.  She stopped what she was doing and came over to give me a hug.  The next day, she came over and helped me make the bed, without her robe.  It’s a playful little change but it actually gets the day off to a great start reminding us of our masculinity and femininity, that life is about us not just jobs and chores, and a powerful statement of trust and total self donation.

Newsletter Contributors Welcome

Please share your local news with the growing Living in Love community.  Simply email a brief write up and any photos to PMRCusa@msn.com by the first of the month to be included in the next monthly newsletter.
If you have a special anecdote or heart warming story from your own relationship or someone you know personally that would inspire other couples to marry each other well, we would be happy to publish it.  Please, limit yourself to less than 250 words.
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