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Apparently, middle age begins between the age of 53-55

As a man gets to 40 years old, he can relax slightly, knowing he has still got 15 years of his life left before "Middle age" creeps up on him.

He also has a few options -

1)  Buy a red Ferrari and accept the beginning of his mid life crisis.

2) Stop exercising altogether and start DIY. There are always plenty of jobs to do around the house right?

3) Get into the best shape of his life and pretend his is 28 again.

I hate DIY and don't have enough money for the Ferrari so I choose option 3 :)

I set a goal to exercise for at least 30 mins every day in 2014. In January I managed 28 out of a possible 31 days. Now some could say that I didn't achieve my goal but I intentionally set it high. If I had said I want to exercise 4 times per week, that's what I would have done and it would be unlikely I would do more. This way, I am constantly pushing to achieve more which can only be a good thing right?

The favourite part of my weekly exercise regime is park sprints with Alex. We start with a 2km jog to Shoreditch park. Warmup for a further 10 mins and then peform 10-12 x 60m sprints.

The results have been fantastic.

Here are the reasons why I believe sprinting should be part of your training plan and how you can implement them into your life

1) Lose fat fast

Recent studies show that sprinting burns fat faster than steady state cardio

2) Build muscle and targets fast twitch fibres

Studies show that sprinting will increase protein synthesis. This coupled with the right nutrition will help you build muscle and help you look leaner and run faster

3) Increased endurance and work capacity

Sprints train the body to burn fat for fuel, prolonging work capacity.

4) Improve heart health

A 2008 study showed that the heart showed a decrease in chronic inflammation when exposed to sprint intervals as opposed to aerobic training.

5) Improve insulin sensitivity and energy use.

Sprints will improve your bodies ability to deal with sugar and improve your insulin sensitivity. Bottom line is you will get leaner much quicker.

6) Improved conditioning, circulation and lung function

Sprinting is better for pulmonary lung function than aerobic exercise

7) Improved cognition and helps prevent depression

Sprinting decreases inflammation in the brain, improves hormone balance and increases mobility which makes you feel more energized and keep you young at heart.

8) Time efficient

If you are doing more than 20 mins, you are not making them tough enough. Time efficient yet super effective.

So here are 8 great reasons why you should think about adding sprinting into your weekly regime. Great results, fast, effective with a whole host of other benefits.

Why wouldn't you?

Please be aware that sprinting is tough on the joints and the rest of the body so make sure you are injury free and warm up properly.

Let me know how you get on....

Train hard, live easy.


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