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I know it's Wednesday already but how was your weekend?

Tom was in King's lynn for the weekend celebrating his Granddad's 100th birthday.

How amazing is that?

By all accounts, he is in good nick and still enjoying life.

^^Granddad, I mean, not Tom.

I'm sure Tom and the family raised a few glasses over the weekend. Here Tom is with Douglas and the letter from the queen to celebrate the occasion.

Here's to the next birthday for him and as many as possible in the future.

On Saturday, I also ventured back to Norfolk as I spent the day with Mia and on Sunday evening I went to a Peruvian restaurant called Coya in Mayfair.

Some of you will have been there, I'm sure.

I recommend it.

Amazing food, great Peruvian cocktails but don't forget your credit card as it's a little pricey :)

Anyway, I wish I had stuck to my own advice about alcohol last week.

In terms of calories, I don't even want to know what I consumed and from what Tom tells me, it was pretty much the same for him in King's Lynn.

The body takes a pretty big hit when it comes to alcohol and when the liver is processing this alcohol, your ability to burn body fat is non-existent.

We had quite a big response to the newsletter last week when I talked about why you should use supplements, so Tom and I have put together a special "Christmas Detox Package" which will help OUR bodies as much as it will help yours :)

1) The Essentials 

The Essentials are the no 1 rated multi-vitamin and mineral package on the market today.

Essential for your health and must be taken daily for immediate and long term benefits.

Vitamins and minerals are for life not just for Christmas.

However this Christmas period with less sleep, more booze, poor food choices and less exercise can take it's effect and leave us open to attack.

Cover the nutritional gaps and reduce your chances of attack and you just may feel some of the benefits that some people do like better sleep, more energy, better recovery from exercise, improved mood and so on... 

2) Fish oil.

I've talked about the benefits to taking fish oil so many times now but if you are not sure, then check this out <<<====

3) Proflavanol

For extra immune support this is a nutritional powerhouse.

We all know the benefits of vitamin c but when combined with high quality grape seed extract you get a product that is truly market leading.

This product is anti-inflammatory so can drastically help with the effects of a hangover.

Now we know most of you won't be drinking much...


...but if you do succumb to a Christmas tipple or six, then two or three of these before bed with a glass of water can help matters big time.  

It's amazing for the heart, the skin, recovery from exercise, feeling stressed, long haul flights, feeling run down and things like respiratory problems, extreme skin conditions and a whole host of other conditions that we can't officially state.

The cost of these products alone would be £104 but we can do them at £87 for all three.

If you would prefer just the Proflavanol it costs £45. 

Basically, for the cost of your daily triple chai latte with extra foam, no cinnamon (haha) you can look after your cells, optimise your energy and protect your liver from the onslaught of booze over the next four weeks.

We only have six of these packs available so it's first come first served.

By using these three supplements together, your body will be in a much better position to deal with the inevitable dietary stress many of you will experience during December and into the new year.

Using the three together creates a synergistic effect which basically means they all work together, compliment each other and produce far greater results than if you used them individually.

That's all for now folks.

Speak to you on Friday.

Gav :)



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