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October 2018

Fall is definitely in the air. This week not only brings us cooler temperatures, but for those of us in Canada the legalization of marijuana. Many of you may already take precautions with your pets and marijuana in your home, and in this edition we will let you know some of the signs of marijuana poisoning in your dog or cat. As well, we will give you some reminders about Halloween safety tips. And scroll down to see a fun toy you might want to buy your dog that is perfect for this time of year

While "medical" marijuana (CBD oil) is becoming increasingly popular for humans as well as pets, pet owners do need to be aware of the dangers of recreational marijuana for their furry friends. If you keep any type of cannabis products in your home, make sure it is well out of reach of all pets. This includes plants as well. For pets that have ingested marijuana (including inhaling), symptoms of poisoning can appear within minutes to hours.  Signs of poisoning include:
  • glassy eyes, or dazed expression
  • vomiting
  • drooling
  • loss of coordination
  • dribbling urine
If you think your pet may have consumed any type of cannabis product, call your vet or local emergency vet hospital.  The closest emergency vet hospital to those of us in South Etobicoke is The Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto

Just in time for Halloween . . . . we just got in a new stock of goDog Zombiez toys. Zombiez are manufactured with Chew Guard Techonology™ This technology adds a super tough durable liner to the toys, and all seams are double stictched and reinforced. These toys are so so tough they are guaranteed for a one time replacement.
  • Keep the candy bowl where pets cannot reach them
  • Pet costumes may be cute, but make sure your pet is able to walk properly and that nothing is too tight anywhere on their body. Check for sequins that can be ingested or loose strings that could be a choking hazard.
  • Make sure your pet has some ID on them just in case they run out the door.
  • If you are taking your pet trick or treating, make sure they have an LED collar light or collar.
  • Bring your outdoor cat inside. With all the extra activity going on in the neighbourhood, your cat may wander off to unfamiliar territory.
  • Check that all decorations are pet friendly, look for things they may be tempted to eat, or loose strings or ribbons that could become a choking hazard
  • Keep all pumpkins out of reach of mischievous dogs or cats
Xylitol - Sugar free sweetener that is highly toxic for dogs
Many candy and other products now contain the very popular sweetener xylitol. But did you know that if ingested by your dog, xylitol is more dangerous than chocolate? Not only is this sugar substitute found in candy, but it is in many medicines, some peanut butters, and many vitamins. Click here to see a picture which shows the minimum amount of dark chocolate that could cause death in three different weights of dogs, compared to the minimum number of pieces of xylitol sugar free gum that could have the same effect.
We now carry 12 inch bully sticks at a great low price of $7.49. 

SuperCan bully sticks are a single-ingredient all Natural dog treat, which consists only of 100% Free Range Grass Fed Colombian beef.

There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients added during the production process. Moreover, these bully sticks are odour free. 

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